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Moving the Needle on Your Deal Cycles with Seismic and Clari



Moving the Needle on Your Deal Cycles with Seismic and Clari

In ancient times, people believed earthquakes were caused by the movement of slumbering gods or giant creatures under the earth shifting the land above them. Later on, early Greek philosophers theorized the quakes were triggered by gases escaping from underground.

Today, we know earthquakes are caused by shifting tectonic plates, and we even have the tools to measure the size of Seismic moment — but no way to predict them. Similarly, in B2B sales we have the tools to measure the size of a deal, but predicting whether they'll close is not as easy — especially for larger, more complex deals.

But that’s changing.

Introducing the Seismic + Clari Partnership

Seismic gives firms the enablement reps need to navigate large deals, removing the fear and danger of losing the “Big One”. Seismic bridges the gap between marketing and sales delivering targeted content to sellers where and when they need it while providing robust content analytics to know what works to drive revenue.

When you combine Seismic with Clari’s Connected Revenue Operations platform, the entire revenue operations team will benefit from:

Improved Data Visibility. Tech stacks are getting larger and larger, with sellers and marketing split across countless platforms. Clari automatically harvests sales activity and customer engagement data (emails, meetings, files sent, etc…) into a single source of truth, and with this partnership, that will now include data from Seismic.

Insights to Next Steps. With all your data in a single view, you can get a complete state of the health of an opportunity and make an informed decision on the best next steps. For example:

  • If a rep sees a fall off in activity via Clari by the prospect, they can use their content repository within Seismic and find the most appropriate content to help with reengagement.
  • Seeing content usage in the context of all other sales activities, gives reps a sense for how each blog, ebook, video, etc... affects prospect engagement. Does a cluster of activity coincide with a specific piece of content? Now reps can see that correlation easily and draw insights.

Analytics to Drive Accuracy. With Clari’s AI-driven CRM Score and Activity Intelligence paired with Seismic’s Content Analytics, you can have a more accurate, quantitative view into the health of every opportunity, allowing you to forecast your business with better accuracy.

We are excited to have Seismic join the Clari Connected Revenue Ecosystem, alongside our other great partners, and to have this data become part of the Clari Time Series Data Hub, where more data enables smarter revenue teams to win more deals and win the BIG ONE!

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