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Sales Ops Should be Strategic and Proactive, not Reactive: Are You Doing It Right?

Neil Sheth

Neil Sheth
Account Director, Clari

Sales Ops Should be Strategic and Proactive, not Reactive: Are You Doing It Right?

If you’re in Sales Ops and you spend your days putting out fires and tearing your hair out, you’re doing it wrong. Respectfully, I say that as someone who’s worked in Sales Ops for the last 10+ years and spent way too many hours in spreadsheet hell. Through no fault of my own, I was doing it wrong too.

Today, the role of Sales Ops is more challenging than ever. Day in and day out, you get inundated with data requests from everyone — from peer departments to the CRO. Everybody needs the numbers crunched and they need it now … or yesterday.

You spend so much of your time responding to these constant fire drills, you hardly get around to thinking about strategy or focusing on what your organization really needs to build repeatable sales.

While data demands have surged over the years, until recently the technology to realistically support those demands just wasn’t there. So, you worked with what you had, approaching increasingly complex problems with the same tired tools. Tools that simply don’t scale with the current job at hand.

You cobbled together forecasts in spreadsheets. You reached out to IT or a BI team for reports that would likely arrive too late to make a difference. You relied on stale and often incomplete data for critical insights about revenue projections.

That all changed when I started using Clari in my previous position as VP of Sales Ops at App Annie, the leader in mobile app analytics.

Two and a half years ago, the folks at Clari had us up and running fast, replacing spreadsheets with live shared roll-ups powered by real-time data from our CRM.

For the first time, I could actually generate my own reports in a matter of seconds. I was finally able to “make the news” and identify and understand key trends in our business. Clari was a true game changer from top to bottom of our Sales organization and for me personally. Clari always made my interests their priority and put my success first.

In fact, my experience with both the tool and the Clari team, made me want in on a whole other level. I’m thrilled to report that I joined Clari as Head of Value Consulting and Sales Productivity back in March of this year.

I’m part of a dedicated team solving challenges that sales management and folks in the field face every single day. The impact is real and it’s immediate. I’m excited to evangelize and show people like me how they can become strategic weapons to their Head of Sales and really own their role in Sales Ops.

I’m really excited about the journey ahead. While Clari is transforming the way sales organizations execute and call their numbers, we’ve only scratched the surface. There’s tremendous energy here and we’re growing quickly! Care to join us?

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