Sales Ops Professionals: Unite at EXCEED 2017 Next Week!

Cristina Wong

Cristina Wong

Sales Ops Professionals: Unite at EXCEED 2017 Next Week!

This year, stand with your sales ops peers, create a unified front, and tackle sales challenges head on.

In our previous EXCEED 2017 blog, we unveiled the final list of speakers and special guests, but we didn’t get to dive deep into the true meaning and purpose of our sales ops sessions and address why the EXCEED learning experience is so unique. Our CEO, Andy Byrne, said it best in his recent LinkedIn article, “Why EXCEED?”

“The vision for EXCEED is not just to bring the community together, but to have everyone deeply engaged, sharing — and learning a ton. We’re applying a format that veers far away from death by PowerPoint sessions and instead emphasizes hands-on roundtable discussions facilitated by sales ops execs, industry analysts and other thought leaders.”

This concept of “hands-on roundtable discussions” Andy mentions, supports the reason why EXCEED is unlike any other sales ops conference. Take a look at this recap video, that captures moments from one of our roundtable sessions last year, “Turning Forecasting from Chore to Competitive Advantage,” and see for yourself.

If you're in sales ops and enablement, now it’s your turn to get a unique hands-on learning experience at this year's EXCEED. Don't miss joining your peers and EXCEED 2017 community leaders 
 and help shape the future of sales ops together:

Michelle Reynaud, VP, Global Sales Systems & Processes, Symantec
Chris Kapprott, VP, WW Sales Finance & Operations, Aruba/HPE
Peter Moses, VP, GTM Operations, Juniper Networks
Rodney Toy, VP, WW Sales Planning and Operations, ForeScout Technologies
Lindsey Nelson, VP, Sales Productivity & Talent Development, CareerBuilder
Candi Bashiri, Director, WW Sales Business Applications, Wind River
Rickie Goyal, Sr. Director WW Sales Operations, Nutanix
Deborah Fritz, Sr. Director, Global Head of Sales Operations, Acxiom
Noah Marks, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy & Operations, Okta
Dan Zhang, Director, Sales Analytics & Strategy, AppDynamic
Juan Galvis, Americas Sales Operations, Palo Alto Networks
Robert Moon, VP Go-To-Market Operations, Box
Anne Pao, Director of Decision Support Systems and Integration, Medallia


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