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Investment News Sparks Even More Interest in Clari

Donovan Erba

Donovan Erba

Investment News Sparks Even More Interest in Clari

So much for the lazy days of summer — things are hopping here at Clari.

Our recent Nutanix customer story and the announcement of our $20 million Series B fundinground garnered attention near and far — from Global 1000 enterprises to analysts to media outlets.

Why the increased interest? Forbes contributor Ben Kepes captured it well. Sales teams are excited to get their hands on our mobile-first productivity platform because "a strategy of being a mobile adjunct to existing CRM systems makes sense. Rather than trying to unseat them, Clari integrates with other tools (Salesforce, LinkedIn, email, calendaring apps, etc), and streamlines processes between those applications."

This investment will be used, as TechCrunch noted, to widen our “big data net” and enable us to continue building out our product into a full platform that supports both sales teams as well as sales and other management professionals who help build business strategy.

As VentureBeat writes, "Clari analyzes data from a wide variety of sources — email, calendar, social, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems — to alert sales reps with insights and suggestions." And this investment will also help our mission to “usher in the death of data entry and the rise of data science."

ZDNet offered some insight into our machine learning, explaining, “The second aspect of the software used by Clari is a library of machine-learning algorithms that looks at historical data from CRM, calendar, email and rep activity across numerous completed deals, and uses that to predict the outcome of current prospects.” They're right. And that machine learning does even more: not just predict selling outcomes, but recommending actions to deliver more wins.

All of this attention has us working harder than ever to deliver a solution that sales professionals love and that sales management can use to ignite productivity. If you’d like to see it in action, contact us for a demo.

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