Nutanix Team Closes Deals Faster, Drives More Revenue with Clari Sales Productivity Platform

Andy Byrne

Andy Byrne
CEO, Clari

Nutanix Team Closes Deals Faster, Drives More Revenue with Clari Sales Productivity Platform

I’m super excited today to be able to tell you about a new customer win.

Since Nutanix shipped its first Virtual Computing Platform, revenue growth has surpassed nearly every other datacenter infrastructure company in IT history. That’s huge! And because Nutanix knows the value of deploying next-generation technology in support of massive growth, its sales team is using Clari.

Less than half of a salesperson’s time is spent selling by phone or face-to-face. That wasn’t enough for Nutanix.

“In Clari, we found a tool that improves sales productivity in the field, and gives our sales managers additional visibility into deals. This is helping our sales team drive revenue while simultaneously increasing the quality of data we capture into our CRM,” says Sudheesh Nair, Nutanix’s VP of Worldwide Sales and Business Development.

With our sales productivity platform, Nutanix sales reps have a mobile, easy-to-use window into all of their enterprise data sources — such as, LinkedIn, and email applications — with content organized around the two things that matter most: deals and their relationships.

And its investment is paying off. Nutanix estimates that Clari has helped its sales teams across the company reduce CRM data entry time from 30-50% and increase selling time by 15-25%. This directly increases the sales capacity of the Nutanix team to close deals faster and drive more revenue.

We're proud to be teaming with Nutanix to help accelerate its trajectory of tremendous growth. Let us know if we can do the same for you.

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