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Clari from Home: Identify At-Risk Deals Before They Slip

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Vernon Bubb
Managing Director, EMEA

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It’s no secret that sales pipelines are always in flux. Even in good times, everyone from the board of directors to the exec team wants to know the ‘who, what, where, why,' of their active deals. But right now, when revenue is a moving target, every moment counts. Now is the time for sales leaders to analyze their pipelines and understand the strategic action their reps need to take to win — in real time.

And yet, many leaders are stuck spending hours digging through siloed data, pulling historical reports from their CRM into unwieldy spreadsheets, and playing a game of ‘spot the difference’ between current and previous weeks.

By the time they’ve analyzed that data to provide their strategic insights, it’s outdated.

This is where Clari’s Flow module comes into play! Flow pulls in everything from Clari’s AI-generated CRM Score to team activity and visualizes the data so that you can see in real time how the pipeline has changed. Flow can show you which deals you’ve been able to pull into the quarter, but more importantly, it can also show you what’s slipped allowing you to take action to save these deals when possible. Take a look:

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