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Future of Forecasting: Hyper Visibility Changes the Game

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Maggie Kullman
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Stylistic illustration of a forecasting beam coming out of an eye
Stylistic illustration of a forecasting beam coming out of an eye

Today’s forecasting process is a challenge. Forecasting becomes complex quickly with stale and disparate data living in multiple systems and individuals’ minds, limited visibility, and rigid tools. You end up spending too much time gathering and processing siloed data. Ultimately, you’re lucky if you can get close to accurately forecasting your number.

According to Gartner, 55% of sales leaders and 57% of quota-carrying sellers don’t have confidence in their forecast. Poor forecasting isn’t just frustrating for your sales team and concerning to the board, it leaves critical growth opportunities on the table.

Call your number too low and you lose out on opportunities to grow. Call your number too high and you'll find your team scrambling at the end of the quarter to hit it.

However, with the right tools, forecasting can be seamless. Hyper-visibility into your business, teams, territories, and accounts allows you to take control of your revenue process and transition from struggling to call the number to leading with predictable revenue. 

Clari automates time-consuming forecasting tasks by continuously rolling up forecasts across every rep, region, overlay, channel, and product line in your business. Clari’s forecast is backed up by real-time deal data, so you and your company can use it to make critical strategy decisions. 

Over the past nine years, we’ve helped hundreds of customers drive more predictable revenue through better pipeline management, revenue intelligence and a data-backed approach to forecasting.

In our newest ebook, The Future of Forecasting, you can expect to learn how Clari helps you answer key questions like: 

  • Will you hit or miss your quarter?
  • Do you have enough pipeline to hit your future goals?
  • How well is your business driving net retention?
  • Are you filling whitespace across your accounts and products?
  • Is your go-to-market strategy working?

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform enables revenue teams to answer these questions and mitigate risk when it arises in order to drive predictable revenue and future growth. 

Forecasting isn’t just a number. It's the heartbeat of your revenue operation.

Download the ebook. 

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