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Driving Revenue with Empathy is a Balancing Act

Molly St. Louis

Molly St. Louis
Senior Producer

Driving Revenue with Empathy is a Balancing Act

The new school year is fast approaching and looks a bit more daunting than usual this year. Working parents are less worried about back-to-school shopping and more concerned about how they will continue to juggle the role of homeschool teacher, alongside their many duties at work.

Parents thrust into the position of managing remote math lessons for their third graders while juggling the demands of their day jobs struggle with the stress of balancing everything.

Such scenarios require empathy from coworkers, vendors, and leadership. But how do you, as a revenue leader, remain empathetic, while still driving revenue? It’s a balancing act, according to Michael Hogan, Korn Ferry’s Vice President of North America Commercial Sales.

In this one-minute clip from our Masters of Revenue Roundtable, Hogan explains how leaders should think about empathy for their employees and customers.

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