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How to Reposition Your Value Offering with Buyers New Needs

Molly St. Louis

Molly St. Louis
Senior Producer

How to Reposition Your Value Offering with Buyers New Needs

Enterprise sales cycles are long and complex, spanning anywhere from 6,12, or 18+ months with a multitude of different stakeholders and priorities. If you’re an enterprise sales rep it’s likely your prospects initiatives pre- and post-COVID look drastically different. The sellers who are quick to pivot with their buyers’ new needs and engage with authenticity will have success.

COVID-specific pipeline segmentation is now a must-do activity for sales teams. By separating prospects into new categories based on the economic impact of the pandemic, reps can create a strong value proposition that aligns with the new needs of your business.

In previous blogs, we outlined the value and time savings in separating prospects by headwinds and tailwinds. Headwinds, in this context, are companies that lost business due to COVID—they’re pushing hard against winds blowing them back, while tailwinds are those businesses that have reaped an increase in sales. Both have likely had a shift in strategic priorities; certain products are now in higher demand and new verticals now need more attention.

In this one minute video, Extreme Networks’ SVP of Sales Strategy, Business Development and Operations, Matt Cleaver, explains that offering products that directly support your buyers’ new priorities will demonstrate you understand their changing business and increase the likelihood of closing:

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