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Siloed and inaccessible data is a serious issue facing many revenue operations and data teams. Business applications generate an incredible amount of data, but how do you leverage that data? How do you enrich or analyze it, in concert with your other business intelligence?

Clari’s new API functionality allows businesses to enrich their data from other systems with Clari forecasting data. The API allows you to import your forecasting data from Clari into your data warehouse or analytics tool, so you can enhance your understanding of your business and drive additional value across revenue operations

For example, you can take forecasting data and utilize it in your financial planning, so the finance team can better assess whether it’s time to forward invest, or pull back spending. 

The export API supports data unique to Clari such as submitted forecast call, updated forecast call history, adjustments, quota and quota history. Here are a few ways Clari’s forecasting data can enhance other business processes within the finance, data science, and revenue operations teams. 


Finance teams rely on Clari data to provide accurate sales forecasting data, annual recurring revenue, net dollar retention, and a variety of other metrics and business drivers. Finance teams can export Clari data to inform their financial forecasting, understand future commission payments, as well as create consolidated financial reporting for the c-suite and board of directors.

Financial reporting: Forecasting data is a key component for finance teams looking to understand where their company will land in the current quarter and the fiscal year. Triangulation among finance, sales, and Clari AI, with the ability to integrate into financial planning software, allows you to get a real time, accurate forecast that drives the rest of your financial forecast. This enables you to better understand and plan key components of our operating plan such as ending ARR, cash flow, and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) revenue. 

Revenue operations 

Revenue operations teams frequently pair Clari forecasting data with other vendor data in data warehouses to enhance their understanding of how team members operate, and their books of business. Two of the most common export uses for revenue operations teams are understanding sales performance, and territory management. 

Sales performance: Clari shows you how your team is performing against the forecast quarter after quarter, but sometimes it pays off to get a little more granular. Clari forecasting data via the API can better help you understand how reps are forecasting on an individual level. Team leaders can track rep forecasts and their accuracy over time, to identify trends. For instance, if a rep is consistently under-forecasting, you can coach that rep for better performance in the future. 

Territory management: Balancing territories calls for weighing a multitude of factors, such as addressable ARR, persona whitespace, account size or segment, geography, core versus emerging industries, and verticals. Reps can feel like they’ve won the jackpot, or like they’ve been left out in the cold, especially when territory organization is based on a gut feeling, and not real data. Clari’s forecasting data allows sales managers to assign accounts based on data such as pipeline and past sales activities, and leverage attainment as well as outside data to balance territory loads. That ensures a healthy rep pipeline, with the data to back it up.

Data scientists 

With the Clari API, data scientists and analysts can slice and dice the forecasting data to uncover ways to enhance the business and answer critical questions. Some examples include utilizing Clari data in executive dashboards, in board reports, and in scenario modeling to drive improvement. 

Integrated reporting and analytics: Clari forecasting data can now be analyzed in a user’s choice of business intelligence, analytics, or spreadsheet software. Analytics teams may be bombarded with unexpected metrics requests, from board members to revenue leaders, so having the flexibility to analyze Clari data in the tool of their choice leads to faster insights.  

Flexible visualization: Want to track forecast data year over year? Team by team? Region by region? Exporting Clari forecasting data allows companies  to tailor the data to their exact needs. This flexibility can enable custom use cases that match the way your company does business.

Clari’s API opens up the power of the Clari platform to transform revenue operations to be more efficient, connected, and predictable. Teams benefit from the forecasting data that previously resided in Clari and in spreadsheets. Clari’s data has become invaluable to the revenue process. With the Clari API, teams can reap the full benefits of that data depth. 

To learn more, check out our Clari developer page or request a demo.