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Clari Tops Best Sales Software on G2's 2020 Spring Report

Maggie Kullman

Maggie Kullman
Marketing Programs Manager

Clari Tops Best Sales Software on G2's 2020 Spring Report

The G2 Spring 2020 Grid Reports are officially out and we are thrilled to announce that Clari was the highest rated company in the Sales Analytics software and the AI Sales Assistant categories — again! We are incredibly grateful to our customers for sharing their Clari love with the world through G2.

Our goal has always been to help revenue operations teams be more connected, efficient and predictable. And this is more important now than ever as we all search for revenue confidence in the midst of uncertain times.

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform helps B2B organizations increase win rates, shorten sales cycles and improve forecast accuracy by using AI and automation to create full funnel accountability across all revenue teams.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from our recent G2 reviews (to see everything our customers are saying on G2, go here):

  • “Clari is Chief of Staff for any Sales Leader/Manager”
  • “Makes my sales life WAY easier”
  • “A great resource for a rapidly-growing revenue team”
  • “A must-have tool for all companies”
  • “I run my sales business almost exclusively through Clari!”

To say thank you to our customers, we got the whole company together on Zoom to take a photo with some custom virtual backgrounds. So here’s a big Clari thank you from our home offices to yours!

Thanks to the authentic feedback from so many revenue leaders, we’ve ranked #1 across several categories including:

  • Highest rated and #1 momentum leader in the Sales Analytics Category including the top position in the Implementation, Results, and Usability indexes.
  • Highest rated in the AI Sales Assistant Category including the top position in the Results and Usability indexes.

We don’t take this position lightly and are already hard at work to continue to deliver more remarkable capabilities for revenue teams. Interested to see how Clari can help your business grow? Schedule a Demo today to learn more.

Read more about Clari updates and features by visiting our website at www.clari.com.

P.S. Even our littlest Clarians wanted to share their thanks! 💕

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