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Clari Named Top Workplace 4th Year in a Row

Bob Nigh

Bob Nigh
Head of Talent, Clari

Clari Named Top Workplace 4th Year in a Row

For the fourth consecutive year, Clari has been recognized by the Bay Area News Group as a Top Workplace for 2018. This year, we ranked number 15 out of the many San Francisco-based companies and organizations that made the final cut.

Earning the award is extremely humbling and inspiring as winners are determined based solely on anonymous employee feedback gathered through an anonymous third-party survey. Questions gauge employee satisfaction by measuring various aspects of workplace culture. And, year after year (after year after year), our growing Clari team continues to respond with a resounding and collective thumbs up.

To be recognized among the best and most rewarding work environments, you have to deliver more than good compensation, fair benefits, and the occasional celebratory beer. You have to provide work and an environment that’s interesting and meaningful for each and every person. And, you have to make work/life balance a reality, not just an aspiration.

At Clari, we take workplace culture seriously, which is not to say that we don’t have fun. We do.

After earning our initial Top Workplace award a number of years ago, our employees took the initiative to identify and preserve Clari’s core values that create our special culture. These company values are a guiding light for Clari in our quest to achieve remarkable, as we strive to innovate, collaborate, focus on customers, achieve our goals, and inspire and help each other.

Simply, yet powerfully, it is how we act, how we learn, how we work, how we grow, and how we win.

Honestly, leveraging AI to make selling easier and more predictable for hundreds of sales teams is fun. So is tripling your customer base in a year, and winning the recognition of peers at Gartner, G2 Crowd, and more.

But, our first goal has always been to create a work environment that’s rewarding — both professionally and personally. The fact that our employees once again ranked us as a “Top Workplace” says we’re making good on that goal. We’re honored and we’re inspired.

We’re also hiring. If you’re interested in joining our remarkable team, we’d love to hear from you.

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