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What It Means to Be an Inc. Best Workplace Today

Laura Mackinnon

Laura Mackinnon
Chief People Officer

What It Means to Be an Inc. Best Workplace Today

We are excited to share that Clari has been named a Best Workplace by Inc. for the second year in a row!

Though we are physically apart, we celebrate this honor feeling closer than ever. You see, while we joyfully reflect on the growth, events, wins, and lessons of 2019 — we have to admit, our 2020 Clari has looked a little different lately. And yet, it’s still very much the same.

Perhaps this video can communicate what we mean:

I joined Clari as Chief People Officer on March 23, 2020 right when we were migrating to work from home in response to COVID-19. While pivoting organizational strategy was top of mind, I was impressed that our executive team brought workplace culture into the center.

Some things have stayed the same...

In my time at Clari, I feel like we haven’t skipped a beat. We are closer than ever and still committed to innovation, collaboration, and helping remarkable companies find their way to revenue confidence. We are committed to building a world-class product that aligns the entire revenue operations team — sales, marketing, customer success — towards revenue goals.

At Clari, we know that being the best place to work means more than providing interesting and meaningful products and services — though that is critical. Being a best place to work means fostering an environment that's unifying and inclusive, one that let's each Clarian bring their whole self to work.

For us, it all comes back to the one thing that will never change — our values.

And some things have changed...

Leveraging our “Garage State of Mind” value, we quickly pivoted our organization in just a few short weeks. Not just to enable a productive remote working environment, but we completely reframed our goals, focus, and programs. We were able to achieve this by:

Over-communicating on a regular cadence. For us, the key to clear communication has been transparency. We believe everyone can be more effective and engaged when they have the full picture. In order to foster that openness and trust we have:

  • Weekly updates with Q&A with our CEO Andy
  • Bi-weekly all hands where we share department updates as well as celebrate our employees — new hires, work anniversaries, promotions, and more.

Approaching employee engagement holistically. We’ve put an increased emphasis on caring about the whole person — health, family, career, and more. Especially during these times, we want to help team members find their balance throughout their entire work day. It’s important that we supply the tools and support structures to help employees feel like they can still do their best work and stay connected while also helping them build boundaries and routines.

Taking our in-person social gatherings digital. We’ve created virtual experiences where Clarians can socialize and bond. These activities have become even more essential. As you may have seen in the video, we’ve:

  • Challenged team members to sweat it out and take a breather with Zoom work out classes, a step challenge and weekly meditation classes
  • Enjoyed wine tasting and movie nights, participated in dress up days, spirit weeks, and Zoom background challenges.
  • Established Clari Cares — a charitable foundation inspired by our employees’ and founders’ desire to help with COVID-19 relief continuing Clari's tradition of giving back to the communities we live and work in.

Staying connected even while remote. We may have gone digital for recruitment and onboarding, but our core values stay the same.

  • Our new Clarians joining us while working from home receive the same welcome package as Clarians who joined us at headquarters.
  • Our onboarding training week may now be on Zoom, but we have fun with events like new hire happy hours so team members can still get to know one another.
  • We continue to surprise all Clarians with gifts sent to their homes to keep up that famous Clari spirit!

Come work with us — wherever that may be!

The truth is, no matter where we work, we’ll always be working hard to make Clari the best place to work.

Want to join us? We’re hiring. We’d love to hear from you.

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