BI and Sales: A Closer Look at Selecting Your BI for Sales

Somrat Niyogi

Somrat Niyogi
Former Employee

BI and Sales: A Closer Look at Selecting Your BI for Sales

This is the fifth part in our series (read part 1part 2part 3part 4) on general-purpose BI versus Purpose-Built BI for Sales. Download the Purpose-Built BI eBook.

When you evaluate BI for Sales, I encouraged you in a previous post to start by narrowing the field to solutions that easily collect all the data that matters, analyze that data to deliver forecast and selling insight, and help you act decisively.

Forcing vendors to prove themselves in those three areas is a great way to weed out the wannabes and save yourself time and headaches.
But, there’s more.

Your next set of questions will vary with your organization, but I’m willing to bet the list below sparks lively discussion with vendors claiming to have BI for Sales. When you force everyone — including us — to answer these questions and prove the ability to deliver massive value quickly, companies with more marketing hype than reality will fall away and what may have seemed like an overwhelming decision a week ago may look a lot easier.

Whether you call us upfront or check out everyone else first, we can show you in just a few minutes — using your data — how you can forecast more accurately and drive more revenue. Then you’ll know why a VP of Sales at a top networking firm recently told us,
"I can see in seconds what used to take me hours. This is a huge win every week on forecast calls."
Here are the questions I promised:

Up next: Answers to your boss or reps’ questions about predictive analytics and purpose-built BI for sales. But you don’t have to wait: download the complete eBook on the difference between general-purpose BI and BI for Sales.

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