Clari Statement of Work

This Statement of Work and any Exhibits hereto (collectively, this “SOW”) is hereby incorporated into, and shall be deemed part of, the Order Agreement executed between Customer (“Customer”) and Clari, Inc. (“Clari”). Clari will provide the services detailed in Section 1 (“Project”) in accordance with the terms set forth therein. This Project will be referred to as follows: Clari Deployment (“Project”).

1. Project

1.1 Summary. Clari will deploy the Clari modules for Customer as listed in the Order Agreement which are within the scope of Project. Clari will utilize Application’s standard user extensibility features to configure Application for Customer’s use. Clari and Customer will mutually define the required configurations and document in a Deployment Workbook. The overall scope of Project will be confirmed upon completion of the Deployment Workbook, and if necessary the scope of services will be revised according to the Change Order process outlined in Section 5.

1.2 Customer’s Obligations. Customer shall be responsible for completing the following Tasks:

  • Assign a dedicated internal project manager as a single point of contact for Clari for the duration of the Project defined by this SOW
  • Define and maintain the business objectives and requirements that will guide use of the Clari Application
  • Review configuration of the application environment per the requirements
  • Provide Clari with an integration user that has API access to the production environment. This user must have read access to all fields used and tracked in Clari as well as access to all records in the set of objects tracked in Clari. Not providing this integration user with the described level of access may result in inaccurate historical data in which case Clari does not guarantee historical accuracy
  • Extract, consolidate, and cleanse any data prior to loading into Clari such as Quota data
  • Application administration and training outside of the scope of this SOW
  • Coordination of on-site, web, or conference call requirements to be held during the term of this SOW

Customer acknowledges that Clari’s ability to complete Project as described in this SOW may be affected if Customer does not provide reasonable assistance as set forth above. Clari may adjust the Project timeline and milestone dates if Customer’s obligations are not reasonably met.

1.3 Overview. Project Overview segments the project effort into a series of phases. The description of each phase is listed in the table below:





Kickoff Meeting - Clari and Customer will have an initial kickoff meeting to align on business objectives, roles & responsibilities, requirements, roll-out plan, and project timelines.

Gather Requirements - Clari will gather requirements from the Customer in order to guide the project and how the Customer will use the Clari Application as well as determine how Clari configures the Application. Clari will document the requirements and configuration in the Deployment Workbook.


Configuration - Clari will configure the Application per the Customer’s requirements. The Clari modules within scope of the Project are outlined in the Order Agreement.

Validation - Customer will validate the configuration of the Application and ensure that the configuration meets the requirements. If the configuration does not meet requirements, Customer will provide feedback on areas of configuration that need to be updated to Clari and Clari will update the configuration. Once configuration has been validated, Customer will provide confirmation to Clari that the Application is ready to be rolled out.

Training & Deployment

Training Preparation - Provide communication templates, training materials, and recommendations to the Customer communicating details about the Clari rollout within the Customer’s organization.

End User Training Sessions - Clari will lead end user training sessions per the number of sessions outlined in section 1.4 Scope Summary. Training sessions will be delivered remotely unless otherwise agreed to between Clari and Customer.


1.4 Scope Summary. As part of this Project, Clari will configure the Application per Customer’s requirements and deliver end user training sessions within the scope as outlined below. Customer has the ability to do additional configuration and training above and beyond the scope outlined as needed.




Max Number of Clari Roles

There are 5 standard Clari roles (Sales Rep, Manager, Exec, SE, and Sales Ops). These can be renamed based on Customer’s titles.


Max Number of Shared Clari Views per Clari Role

The initial set of Shared Views per Clari Role that will be configured as part of Project. There are 17 best practice shared views per Clari role that are included when the Clari instance is created.


Max Number of Shared Clari Dashboards per Clari Role

The initial set of Shared Dashboards per Clari Role that will be configured as part of Project. There are 3 best practice shared dashboards per Clari role that are included when the Clari instance is created.


Max Number of End User Training Sessions delivered by Clari

This is the number of training sessions that Clari will deliver to Customer’s end users as part of Project.


2. Fees & Payments

2.1 Fees. Customer will pay Clari the fees for the Services set forth in the Order Agreement. All payments are due in U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated on the Order Agreement or invoice. Customer is responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to Clari and updating Clari of any changes. All fees paid are non-refundable and not subject to set-off.

2.2 Expenses. The Project does not typically involve travel expenses. If services are scheduled on-site at Customer premises, Customer will reimburse Clari for all reasonable travel-related expenses (including airfare, ground transportation, lodging and meals) that have been pre-approved by Customer in writing and actually incurred by Clari in performance of the Project Tasks. Such expenses will be invoiced monthly.

3. Key Assumptions

  • Project is based on current Clari functionality and not future product availability.
  • Clari Application will display aggregate totals and forecast in the organization currency as defined in
  • Customer has only one production instance which must be either the Enterprise or Unlimited edition.
  • Configuration will be done in the Customer’s production Clari instance which will be connected to the Customer’s production instance.
  • Customer uses and maintains the standard Role Hierarchy or Territory Management 2.0.
  • Customer does not require editing of fields from sub-objects or custom objects within Clari.
  • Customer does not require historical forecast data to be migrated into Clari.
  • If Single Sign-On is within scope of Project, Customer must be using a standard SAML 2.0 protocol.
  • If Autocapture is within scope of Project, Customer only requires that contacts be created on the standard account and/or standard opportunity objects in with only the first name, last name, and email address populated.
  • If Autocapture is within scope of Project, the integration user must have the correct permissions to create and update contact records in
  • If Autocapture is within scope of Project, Customer only requires up to the previous 12 months of contact record data to be created in
  • If Signal Connector is within scope of Project, Customer must have the sync from source application to tasks enabled.

4. Change Order

Customer may from time to time submit a written request to Clari specifying in detail any changes to the scope of the Project that Customer wishes to propose. If such changes are acceptable to Clari, Clari will submit to Customer an estimate of the additional fees and the anticipated changes in the delivery schedule that will result from the proposed changes (“Change Order”). No changes to the scope of work, scheduling, fees, or any other aspect of this SOW will be binding on the parties unless specified in a Change Order that is executed by both parties.

5. Terms and Precedence

Clari may utilize resources of a third-party contractor to assist in delivering the items within this Statement of Work. Any contractor used by Clari for this purpose will be a certified Clari Partner ("Partner"). Such certification requires that the Partner receive formal training relating to the Service, security and confidentiality, and implementation and training. Clari shall take all responsibility for the work performed by the Partner to ensure that it is performed in accordance with this Statement of Work. Clari will notify Customer when Partner will assist in delivering items within this Statement of Work ahead of time at which point Customer may accept or decline the Partner.