Sales Management

Unprecedented transparency, accountability and certainty.

Use the power of AI and automation to get a detailed view of your pipeline and deliver laser-accurate forecasts. Armed with valuable insights, you can act on risk and opportunity qucikly, lead a more connected, productive revenue team and gain total control over your revenue process.

Find your revenue confidence with Clari.

See the true state of your pipeline. In real time.

With Clari's AI, all changes to activity and opportunity data are instantly reflected in dashboards, opportunity grids and other analytics, so your entire team always sees the same up-to-the-minute view of your business. They can visualize their pipeline in real time to easily see what deals are moving, stalled or at risk, so you can align your entire revenue team around a single source of truth.

Align your execution with your company’s strategy.

Use Clari to set goals and track your progress against your company’s strategic KPIs, such as new segment penetration, product launches and integrating acquisitions. Use Clari to easily spot risk and opportunity, view your deal inventory and track important revenue metrics—then use these insights to coach your team to success.

Stop interrogating. Start strategizing.

Clari's predictive insights and shared real-time make your team more productive, with no more time wasted on spreadsheets, stale data or tedious data entry. Every 1:1, forecast call and pipeline review becomes more efficient and streamlined, so you can focus on winning instead of interrogating.



Total Revenue Confidence

Gain complete control of your revenue process so you know for certain where you'll finish the quarter. No surpises.


Productive Sales Teams

Use Clari to unite your team underone process, reduce time wasted on manual tasks and coach your reps more effectively.


The Ability to Act Fast

Spot risk and opportunity in real time—so your team can focus on closing the deals that matter most.

It's no longer about what happened. It's 
about what's going to happen.

Steve Fitz
Steve Fitz, CRO, Sumo Logic

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