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Easily transform your sales process for lasting growth.

Make the most of your strategic investments in sales with Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform. Whether your focus is getting more value from your CRM, implementing a new sales methodology, or maximizing the latest product launch.

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Clari for healthcare organizations.

There’s a reason healthcare companies trust Clari to improve the consistency and rigor of their sales processes. We provide more predictability and control, resulting in better planning, smoother execution, and more confidence.

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Winning with Clari: Platform Overview and Healthcare Use Cases

Clari’s Revenue Operations Platforms connects fragmented data to reimagine and power improved revenue workflows

Platform Overview

The Revenue Operations Platform purpose-built for healthcare sales.

Your data should accelerate, not hinder, your sales process. Clari’s Revenue Operations Platform connects and standardizes your sales data for you, so you can skip straight to the insights. Intuitive workflows, automation, and visibility power a much more efficient, effective sales process.

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Time-Saving Automation

Technology your team actually wants to use.

Get started with minimal effort by eliminating manual data entry and automatically updating your CRM. Clari easily optimizes your workflows by auto-syncing and analyzing sales activity (calls, emails, contacts, etc.), leading to more complete and accurate data, freeing your teams to think strategically and spend more time selling.

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Account Engagement

The right actions, for the right accounts, at the right time.

Empower reps to be better customer advocates, gain visibility, and improve account health. Clari lets account teams monitor activity across all accounts and product lines to foster healthier relationships, take action, and drive penetration. Make better use of team activity to spot churn risks and expansion opportunities.

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Forecasting with Clari ensures all team members are on the same page

Sales Forecasting

Effortlessly forecast with confidence.

Clari backs up human intuition with AI insights and unprecedented visibility turning forecasts into fact. Your team can forecast with incredible accuracy and foresight using a consistent, automated process that scales to manage every line of business in your company, whether capital, clinical, or anything in between.

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Learn how Clari helps your whole organization execute



Continue exploring how Clari empowers your entire Sales organization on their quest to beat their numbers time and time again.

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Revenue Operations

Operations professionals across all your commercial teams will achieve greater visibility and operational control.

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Equip Finance teams with greater foresight and accuracy, leading to better planning, forecasting, and budgeting.

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