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Sales Analytics

Sales analytics that make inspecting your business effortless.

Use AI to unlock predictive insights and gain visibility into team productivity and the health of your accounts, pipeline, and forecast.

Equip your entire revenue team with powerful analytics and actionable insight.

Pipeline insights on the Clari dashboard improve team sales analytics.

Unprecedented pipeline visibility for the whole team.

See your pipeline in a whole new way—and empower your team to see it, too. Clari lets you view a comprehensive picture of your pipeline, understand what’s driving changes, analyze by segment, and share those insights with the field.

Improve your forecast accuracy with advanced analytics.

Clari uses historical conversion rates for more accurate predictions Predictive sales forecasting Sales pipeline projections help you meet revenue targets next quarter.
  • Historical Conversion Rates

    Know whether or not you’ll hit your number. Clari uses historical conversion rates for more accurate predictions.

  • Predictive Forecasting

    Compare your forecast call to Clari’s AI-based projection—so you can take action before it’s too late.

  • Out-Quarter Pipeline Projection

    See exactly how much pipeline you need to meet and exceed your revenue targets in the upcoming quarter.

Clari’s CRM Automation eliminates manual data entry to win back valuable time for your team.

Turn activity into achievement.

Gain valuable insight into all your sales activity, like which accounts need attention and which reps require additional guidance. With rep- and account-level activity insights at your fingertips, you can bolster your teams’ performance based on data rather than intuition.

Analytics that inform and unite.

Get everyone on the same page by powering every QBR, one-on-one, and board meeting with easy-to-access, AI-driven analytics.

Stylized product screenshot of report showing last quarter attainment, last quarter lost, last quarter slipped, and deals by score, name, owner, stage, and deal size


Review bluebird deals and slips from last quarter and set your sights on next quarter—all at once.

Stylized product screenshot of a report showing QoQ growth, ASP, CQ net new forecast, CQ renewal forecast, and line graphs of forecast call, AI projection, and quota overlapping a bar chart of this quarter's new business

Board meetings

Get a real-time view of your business with quick access to all your revenue KPIs so you can run board meetings straight from Clari.

Stylized product screenshot of a dashboard showing total closed, total pipeline generated, planned deals, booked deals, and committed deals by sales rep


Use actionable deal insights to coach reps, rather than interrogating them.

Our revenue teams are in Clari nearly every day. Its technology is a vital instrument in our operating rhythm and ongoing success.

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Revenue Operations

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