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Clari Align: Buyer/Seller Collaboration

Make life easy for your buyers (and sellers).

Mutual action plans and digital sales rooms ensure that your buyers and sellers are in complete alignment at every step of the customer journey.

Confident buyers. Credible sellers. Predictable revenue.

Clari Align helps revenue organizations of all sizes answer their most critical questions by fostering collaboration and transparency between the buying team and the selling team—all within the same platform you’re already using to drive more predictable revenue.

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Which deals need my attention? Can I trust the rep’s commit? Will we hit our number?

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Is our buying experience a competitive differentiator? Are our sellers following process?

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How do I enable all of my reps to sell like top performers?

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A closer look at Clari Align

Peek into the future of buyer/seller collaboration.

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  • Mutual Action Plan

    When sellers align with the buyer journey, deals don’t slip. Both sides can agree on key milestones and then hold each other accountable. Templates help reps be more consistent, but every deal is different, so it’s easy to customize goals, timelines, milestones, and actions.

  • Collaborative Buying Workspaces

    Evolving the digital sales room, Align creates a single source of truth across the entire customer lifecycle—making it easy for all stakeholders to engage, collaborate, and stay informed. Add files, videos, and links in templates or per-deal, then track engagement as part of deal analytics.

  • Stakeholder Management

    Multithreaded deals enjoy a higher win rate. Teams view shows who's who on both sides for more credible executive conversations. Activity Stream shows real-time buyer activities, complementing Clari's relationship insights for a 360 view of engagement.

Manage your deals where you manage your revenue

Clari Align is the only buyer/seller collaboration solution directly integrated with the solutions you already know and love. No more disjointed tools, and no more disconnected data. Unmatched collaboration and consensus building exactly where you expect it to be.

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Today's buyers expect more from their vendors

B2B buying is evolving at a rapidly increasing pace—don't be left behind. Learn how Clari Align helps each of your stakeholders thrive in today's buying reality.

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Turn your buyers into heroes.

Clari Align gives buyers complete confidence in the path forward. And sellers will lead more informed, coordinated buying processes in the eyes of their stakeholders, making their confidence contagious.

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Individual Contributors

Equip your sellers for repeatable success.

Software that inspires trust. We understand that no two deals are alike—that's why we designed Clari Align to arm sellers with a standardized way to customize their deals. Buyers will trust your sellers, and your sellers will trust your process and the tools you give them.

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Chart the future, not the past.

Uplevel deal support and coaching. Clari Align gives managers a real-time view into the status of every deal across their team's books of business. 1:1s focus less on reporting the news and more on tactical actions to drive meaningful progress.

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Gain the visibility and control you've been looking for.

If you're a sales leader who wants more control over your sales cycles, you need buyer-obsessed selling through Clari Align. You will see improved win rates, shortened sales cycles, and more accurate forecasts—all while delivering a seamless experience for the customer to realize value faster.

With Clari Align, our customers can directly engage to provide feedback and iterate on the exact Mutual Plan steps that will result in their organizations accelerating their time to business value.

Robert Tri
Senior Vice President, Cognite AS

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