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Account Engagement

Align your account strategy with execution.

You’ve optimized your go-to-market motion for a set of key accounts, but do you know which ones reps are spending time on? AI-driven insights show how your team is working their accounts so you can identify engagement gaps and better allocate resources to win more business.

See account relationships in a whole new way.

Review your team’s activity with meetings, emails and files. Review your team’s account engagement to review which accounts are getting the right amount of attention. Determine if your team is meeting their coverage KPIs
  • Rep Activity Data

    Get a complete and accurate view of where your reps are spending their time and which accounts they’re focused on.

  • Whitespace Analysis

    Quickly identify key accounts that aren’t getting enough attention from your team so you can reallocate resources accordingly.

  • Account Coverage KPIs

    Track aggregated engagement across all your target accounts to align your account strategy more directly with execution.

View engagement from both sides of the deal with relationship insights

Relationship Insights: Who's Engaged?

Knowing whether you have the right executive-level engagement and set of connections to close a deal is critical. Improve risk assessment and rep coaching for complex buying scenarios with visibility into all buyers and sellers involved in your sales pursuits.

Clari helps teams win more.

Clari customers have increased their win rate by 7% in their first year and 15% by their second year, on average.

Drill into key segments of accounts.

Easily view the status of your accounts.  You’ll know which ones are healthy, which ones are at risk, and which ones are somewhere in the middle with Clari’s breakdown of accounts by their exact status.

Stylized product screenshot showing accounts with upcoming renewals and no meetings scheduled

Accounts with upcoming renewals and no engagement

Strategize on upcoming renewals with views into low activity accounts.

Stylized product screenshot showing the Fortune 500, Customer, Healthcare, and Media account segment filters

Accounts in key segments

Ensure your reps are spending their time and effort wisely with a lens into account activity across all segments.

Stylized product screenshot showing accounts with emails sent but no meetings scheduled

Accounts with no activity in the last 60 days

Prompt your reps to increase engagement by easily viewing the accounts that have minimal or no recent activity.

With Clari, we have all of our account engagement data at our fingertips so we can make informed decisions about account segmentation and territory planning.

Jake Mars
SVP, Americas, Alteryx

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