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CRM Automation

For the first time, your CRM data is complete.

Pulling numbers, combining spreadsheets, and chasing reps to manually enter CRM data is a headache and waste of time. Clari solves this by automatically capturing all your sales and activity data from disparate systems.

Finally, CRM automation that works.

Key to digital transformation is automatically updating sales data to make your teams more productive. Illustration showing three contacts connected to an opportunity Diagram showing the connection between activities (email sent, email received, meeting) , account contacts, and opportunities
  • Contact Creation

    Automatically capture and populate every lead and sales contact in your CRM.

  • Opportunity Association

    Make sure new and existing contacts are associated with the right opportunities.

  • Activity Logging

    Update your CRM records with customer engagement data auto-captured from emails, conversation intelligence, calendars, and other Clari activity.

Automate the revenue engine and allow your teams to focus on what they do best - selling.

How CRM automation works.

Clari harvests activity metadata and external participants from calendar invites, email threads and more, and uses that data to create new contacts and activities within your CRM. It then automatically fills in contact information and associates contacts with their respective opportunities. So you get better data, faster—all without lifting a finger.

CRM automation for your entire revenue team.

Get complete CRM data populated with actual contact and activity data.

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Relationship mapping

See the exact status of key stakeholders engaged in deals and the strength of each relationship.

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Buying group nurturing

Get a complete picture of opportunity account buyers so go-to-market teams can align on opportunities to close deals more effectively.

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Marketing lead tracking

Gain better and more complete visibility into lead flow and attribution.

Clari provides the most accurate view of our business—pulling signals not only from CRM but also email, calendar, and our customer messaging platform.

Ryan Wilcox
Vice President Sales Operations, UiPath

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