Team Activity

Give sales leaders real-time visibility into rep activity against high-value accounts.

Boost productivity against target accounts

Get real-time visibility into where your team is spending time to ensure activity is geared towards the right accounts and opportunities.

“An accurate picture of how well-penetrated we are against target accounts has always been a challenge to come by. Clari Team Activity drives better account-based sales execution, so the team can invest selling time in the right places and actively work our most important accounts.”

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Mark ParrinelloVP Worldwide Sales

Know where your team is spending time

A ton of selling activity that occurs every day never gets recorded in CRM. Get the visibility you need to ensure the right target accounts are being worked, without burdening your reps.

  • Activity Integration

    Automatically harvest reps’ email exchanges and calendar entries, and associate it with the right account or opportunity.

  • Rep Heatmap

    See which reps are most engaged with their target accounts and which might need coaching on engagement tactics.

  • Account Heatmap

    See which priority accounts have recent or upcoming activity and which might require more rep attention.

Optimize sales execution

Don’t measure your team’s activity in a silo, and don’t micromanage your reps. Use data to provide coaching and drive real results in everyday selling across the opportunity-to-close process.

  • Account Prioritization

    View activity for accounts with near-term deals vs. future pipeline vs. prospecting so you can drive the team towards optimal balance.

  • Opportunity Mapping

    See all active and historical opportunities for every account so you can make sure reps are spending time in the right places.

  • Related Contacts

    See who’s involved in a deal so you can make sure you have the right people needed to get it closed.

Drive better marketing attribution

Measuring the true effectiveness of marketing programs is challenging if you can’t connect the dots from lead to contact to opportunity. Get the data you need to help close the loop on which deals were influenced by marketing.

  • New Contact Creation

    Automatically capture in CRM all new contacts reps engage with during the buying process, instead of relying on manual data entry.

    Account Activity Sync

    Automatically log team’s meetings back to CRM so sales and marketing have access to the same account engagement data.

  • New Contact Creation

    Automatically capture in CRM all new contacts reps engages with during the buying process, instead of relying on manual data entry.

  • Opportunity Mapping

    Build the link between contacts and opportunities to help attribute marketing programs to closed deals.

    Focus on the right accounts and people

    To align sales and marketing efforts, you need shared visibility into what’s going on in your priority accounts. Design and execute more impactful ABM programs armed with visibility into rep activity.

    • Target Account Activity

      See if reps are actively engaging with the high-value accounts you are targeting.

    • White Space Analysis

      Identify target accounts with low sales activity that may require marketing support.

    • Top Contacts

      See which individuals your reps are actually engaging with so you can run targeted nurture programs to move deals forward.

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