Security Matters

Clari is a modern cloud-based platform built with industry-standard technologies and services, ensuring enterprise-grade reliability, security and data protection for our customers.

Security Badges

Reliability & Availability

Our Engineering team strives for a high uptime and performance. Systems, people and processes are designed to meet and exceed this. Engineering, Customer Success and Security operate in unison to make sure our customers have the best online experience.

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Infrastructure & Network Security

Clari continuously monitors its infrastructure and network security via a 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). Our infrastructure is scanned continuously for security vulnerabilities and medium and above severity findings are prioritized and addressed.

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Application Security

We believe security must be “baked” into the product, processes and people. Software developers and engineers are required to go through an annual training on secure coding and pass a rigorous exam. Static and dynamic security scans are built into the development and QA processes via automated tools that perform on-demand and on-going code scans. Matches with security vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices generate automated alerts and code is promptly corrected.

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Compliance & Certifications

Our customers span a wide range of industries. Clari is committed to meet and exceed levels of compliance with those standards.

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Corporate Security

In addition to developers receiving secure coding training, all employees participate in annual general security and data privacy training.

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