Forecast every business with confidence.

No more spreadsheets. No more guessing games. Call your number based on real-time data and predictive insights—whether you’re forecasting your net new business, your product line or expansions and renewals.



Land within 4% of your forecast.

Adaptive Revenue Metrics History Tracking Predictive Forecasting
  • Adaptive Revenue Metrics

    Gain a real-time view of the revenue health indicators that matter most for your business.

  • History Tracking

    Easily track important changes to the forecast—like who changed their commit since the last call.

  • Predictive Forecasting

    Leverage Clari’s AI-based projection to pressure-test your call and see exactly where you’ll end the quarter.

Get everyone on the same page with one consistent process.

With Clari, revenue leaders forecast in a uniform, integrated and transparent process—for more accuracy and consistency. And with a clear view of their entire team's submission status, the sales management team can instantly prompt reps to update their forecast. The result? More productive teams and increased forecast accuracy across the board.

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Forecasting that flexes to  your go-to-market strategies.

Clari adapts to your unique sales process to make forecasting totally seamless, whether youre forecasting in quarters or months, by product lines or by channel.

Parallel Forecasting

Parallel Forecasting

Create forecasts for different revenue segments—from net new and renewal to product lines and accounts.

Deal Inventory

Deal Inventory

Easily access all relevant deals that make up the forecast so you know where you have risk and upside.

Mobile Forecasting

Mobile Forecasting

Update forecasts from anywhere in the world, and see results in real time.

Clari has become ingrained in the fabric of our revenue process. Visibility into deal inventory across territories helps us to execute swiftly and decisively.

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