Sales Analytics

Give every member of the sales org new visibility and predictive insights into team productivity and the health of deals, pipeline and forecast.

Get the answers you need to close more deals — faster

Make better business decisions and improve sales execution with real-time access to actionable analytics and predictive insights.

“It’s no longer about what happened. It’s about what’s going to happen.”

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Pipeline analytics

Get a complete picture of the health of your pipeline, what’s driving change, and where you need to be.

  • Deal Flow Analytics

    Understand pipeline changes and zero in on the root cause of slipped deals so you can get them back on track.

  • Pipeline Gap

    Understand how much pipeline you need to generate to hit your number this quarter and next.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Analyze your pipeline by business segment, sales rep, stage, or any other dimension.

Forecast analytics

Power your forecast with AI and predictive insights that take the guessing out of forecasting.

  • Quarter-over-quarter Comparison

    Know if youʼll hit your number based on historical conversion patterns.

  • Predictive Forecasting

    See how your team’s forecast call compares to the AI-based projection.

  • Opportunity Scoring

    Back up your forecast with the opportunities that are likely to close.

Analytics for every sales moment

Power every QBR, 1:1, and board meeting with analytics that quickly gets everyone on the same page.

  • Quarter Dashboard

    Align every sales rep to the same set of metrics.

  • SaaS Metrics

    Provide visibility into the most critical KPIs of the business to inform your board in real time.

  • Up-level 1:1s

    Create a single dashboard so reps and managers can focus on close strategies instead of deal updates.

Activity analytics

Analyze sales activity to see which accounts need attention and which reps need coaching.

  • Account Heatmap

    Get an overview of your team's activity across target accounts.

  • Deal-level Activity Insights

    Track all of the back and forth between your reps and their prospects for better pipeline inspection and coaching.

  • Rep Heatmap

    See which reps are most engaged with their target accounts and which might need guidance on engagement tactics.

Hundreds of businesses use Clari to help their teams be more connected, efficient and predictable.

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Rick Haag
Global Director of Sales Operations
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VP Global Sales Systems and Processes
Candi Bashiri
Director of Worldwide Sales Business Applications
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