Deliver accurate forecasts, focus on the right deals and identify pipeline risk.

How Juniper Networks gets their forecast dialed-in throughout the quarter.

Focus on the Right Deals

Know which deals are likely to close and which to avoid. Leverage opportunity scores, deal priority matrix, rep leaderboards, and activity insights to accelerate deals and prevent slippage.

Drive Full Funnel Accountability

See the true state of the pipeline and work together with Marketing and Customer Success to address pipeline gaps, fill up the funnel and win key accounts.

Spend Less Time Updating CRM

Automatically capture all deal data and rep activity while eliminating manual data entry that bogs down the sales process and wastes valuable selling time.

Coach to Success

Make every 1:1, forecast call and QBR actionable with real-time view into deal activity, so you can skip the interrogations and spend more time discussing closing strategies.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

Automatically roll-up the forecast to identify risk and actions to get your quarter back on track. Easily audit deal inventory and predict outcomes with AI-based opportunity scores and projections that continuously forecast where you’ll end the quarter.

Foresight into Future Quarters

Instantly see pipeline coverage for any business segment and team to determine exactly how much pipeline you need to generate to hit your number this quarter, and next.

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