Revenue Intelligence

Turn sales and marketing activity data into revenue insights.

Clari uses AI and automation to provide a complete picture of your sales and marketing engagement across your entire revenue process—allowing you to better understand customer relationships and see where your team is (or should be) focusing their efforts.

Understand the true nature of your customer relationships.

With a complete view of your team’s activity, including who they interact with and how engaged customers and prospects are, you can manage accounts and deals, coach more effectively and fuel your go-to-market strategy with real insights. Not only do you end up with a more accurate look at your customer relationships, but Clari also reduces the amount of time spent on manual data entry—so reps love it.

Capture all of your data, automatically.

Activity Integrations Intelligent Mapping CRM Sync
  • Activity Integrations

    Combine your CRM data with countless other activity signals—from email to calendar to phone calls and more—for a more accurate view of your team’s activity.

  • Intelligent Mapping

    Clari not only captures your data, it also associates every activity with relevant accounts and opportunities to make it accurate and actionable.

  • CRM Sync

    Focus on closing deals—not inputting data. Clari automatically logs activities and contacts into your CRM, so your team can focus on what’s important.

Put CRM updates on autopilot.

Clari Autocapture uses AI and automation to improve CRM data quality based on email and meeting activities between sales reps and customers. With every relevant contact and activity captured in CRM, you can gain a new level of confidence in your system of record. No more begging and pleading with your reps—every contact and activity gets automatically captured in CRM and associated with relevant accounts and opportunities.

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Sell smarter with execution insights.

Stop interrogating, start coaching. Clari shows you what’s going on in your deals, in your accounts and in your territories, so you can more effectively lead your team.

Data-Driven Deal Inspection

Data-Driven Deal Inspection

View your pipeline based on the level of rep and prospect engagement to identify risks and opportunities.

Holistic Account Engagement

Holistic Account Engagement

Track activity on your target accounts and keep your team focused on the right net-new and customer accounts.

Strategic Rep Coaching

Strategic Rep Coaching

See recent changes and activity to give reps strategic guidance on how to nurture their accounts and move their deals forward.

Clari’s AI predictions, historical close rate and weekly trends are extremely helpful in coaching my team on where we'll see the highest return of our efforts.

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