Pipeline Inspection

Give sales managers instant insight into rep activity and the true state of deals, so limited 1:1 time can be spent on key opportunities.

Spot pipeline risk and upside in real-time

Get instant visibility into which deals are moving, stalled or at-risk so you can close more of them.

“As a growing global business, we wanted a more efficient sales process and enhanced visibility into our pipeline. Clari provides our entire sales organization with valuable insights and analytics that show both where we’re going and how to get there.”

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Todd McKinnonCEO & Co-Founder

Understand the true health of your pipeline

Sales teams typically rely on incomplete data to judge the status of their pipeline. Stop chasing reps for deal updates and and start using real science to get the most accurate view.

  • Opportunity Scoring

    See which deals are most likely to close and which may need more attention.

  • Deal Activity

    View rep and prospect engagement — via emails, meetings, files — to understand which deals are being worked and which aren’t.

  • AI Pipeline Projection

    Understand how much you need to generate to hit your number this quarter, and next.

Prioritize the right deals and know where to run plays

Deal inspection is critical to ensure the team is well positioned to hit their number. Make your pipeline discussions actionable with richer, AI-based insights.

  • Deal Prioritization

    Compare the health of deals against activity to ensure reps are spending time on the opportunities most likely to close.

  • Deal Flow Analytics

    Understand pipeline changes and zero in on the root cause of slipped deals so you can get them back on track.

  • Dashboards

    Quickly get a complete view of key deals and KPIs at any level of your organization.

Identify trends and provide better coaching

Like every high-performing team, you should be reviewing past plays to understand what works and what doesn’t. Leverage sales analytics to identify patterns and coaching opportunities.

  • Quarter Replay

    Study how the previous quarter played out at any level of the organization.

  • Quarter-over-quarter Comparison

    Know if you’ll hit your number based on historical conversion patterns.

  • Team Coaching

    Analyze trends from the VP of sales down to the individual rep.

Hundreds of businesses use Clari to help their teams be more connected, efficient and predictable.

Here are just a few of their stories

Lindsey Nelson
VP of Sales Productivity
Peter Moses
VP of WW Go-to-Market Operations
Noah Marks
Sr. Director GTM Strategy and Operations
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