Improve conversions, increase pipeline and gain visibility into the accounts that matter most.

Clari for Marketing Leaders

Target the Right People

Most deals involve several decision makers, but not all of them make it into the CRM. Capture all contact data automatically, so you can nurture them and help accelerate deals.

Close the Gap on Pipeline Build

Know the status of current and future deals, and opportunities deeper in the funnel to see where more pipeline build/backfill is needed to hit companywide revenue goals.

Optimize Account Penetration

Clari shows you where Sales is engaged and where they are not, so you can easily identify the accounts that are unresponsive and re-engage with targeted ABM programs that increase deal acceleration.

Enhance ABM Programs

Get all the missing contacts and buying groups involved in a deal to accelerate sales cycles and increase win rates for your ABM campaigns.

Connect the Dots on Deals

See when later stage deals are engaged with marketing emails, content, webinars, etc so you can better understand how programs are impacting the deal and work with sales on follow-up.

Capture the Complete Buying Team

Clari Autocapture automatically captures sales contacts and matches them with the right opportunities, improving your attribution data for marketing programs.

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