Sales Forecast Management

Transform the way forecasting is done and leverage AI to more accurately predict sales revenue.

Forecast with confidence

Leave the spreadsheets behind and start calling your number based on real-time data and predictive insights.

“With Clari, we have experienced a 5x increase in forecast simplicity, speed, and accuracy — in every single region across the globe.”

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Lou SerlengaSVP Americas Sales

Improve accuracy and know where you’ll land

Rolling up a forecast is often tedious, error-prone, and disconnected from what’s happening in the field. With Clari, every member of the sales team is empowered to make better and more accurate forecasts.

  • Predictive Forecasting

    Leverage Clari’s AI-based projection to pressure test your call and see where you’ll end the quarter.

  • Real-time Data

    Forecast with up-to-the-minute opportunity data at your fingertips.

  • History Tracking

    Track changes to the forecast and see who changed their commit since the last call.

Forecast like you run your business

Whether you are forecasting in quarters or months, by product lines, or by channel, Clari can be customized to fit your sales process

  • Flexible Forecasting

    Easily adjust Clari to align with your forecasting language and needs.

  • Deal Inventory

    Readily access the relevant deals that make up the forecast.

  • Parallel Forecasting

    Create multiple forecasting views to get a complete picture across any slice of your business.

Manage a consistent process

Sales leaders across your org may forecast differently and that can be a major hurdle to getting to an accurate forecast. Clari makes it easy to roll out a consistent and reliable process across the entire team.

  • Update Guidance

    See what you need to keep updated every week.

  • Forecast Compliance

    Identify team members that have not yet submitted their forecast.

  • Mobile Forecasting

    Make it easy for reps to update their forecast on the fly — while standing in line for coffee.

Hundreds of businesses use Clari to help their teams be more connected, efficient and predictable.

Here are just a few of their stories

Deborah Fritz
Global Head of Sales Operations
Allen Dinh
VP Global Sales Finance and Operations
Anne Pao
Director of Decision Support Systems and Integration
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