Corporate Security

In addition to developers receiving secure coding training, all employees participate in annual general security and data privacy training.

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Information Security Policies & Procedures

Clari uses the ISO 27001 framework as the foundation for its policies and procedures. All Employees acknowledge their responsibilities in protecting customer data as part condition of employment.


Clari offices are secured by keycard access and we make sure there is 24/7/365 monitoring via video cameras and alarms. Although our products have no dependencies on our company’s offices or other facilities other than AWS data centers, our office network has redundant UPS, network devices and firewalls.

Endpoint Devices

Employee laptops are secured with hard drive encryption, Antivirus and advanced malware detection with central management and control. All devices are managed via a central, cloud based Mobile Data Management (MDM) system.

Background Checks

All new hires undergo a background check for criminal, education and employment history.

Business Continuity

Clari was built within the cloud and, our employees operate regularly from different locations globally with little to no dependency on office resources.

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