Activity Intelligence

Get complete visibility into sales and marketing engagement across the revenue funnel.

Create a single source of truth for your go-to-market teams

Harvest rep, prospect and customer activity to drive productivity, visibility and alignment across sales, marketing and customer success.

“Clari gives me the peace of mind that contacts involved in deals are being added to accounts and opportunities correctly.”

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Erroin MartinVice President of Sales

Capture all your data, automatically

Tons of business activity happens every day that never gets captured in CRM. Get the visibility you need to ensure your go-to-market machine is firing on all cylinders while allowing your sales reps to focus on selling.

  • Activity Integrations

    Integrate data from email, calendar, CRM and other business systems.

  • Intelligent Mapping

    Associate all activities with accounts and opportunities.

  • Autocapture

    Log activities and contacts back to CRM without lifting a finger.

Sell smarter with activity data

Stop interrogating, start coaching. With all of your sales team’s activity at your fingertips, focus on improving productivity and performance by prioritizing the right accounts and taking the right steps to close deals.

  • Deal Insights

    See the level of rep and prospect engagement in every opportunity.

  • Account Heatmap

    Know which of your target accounts are being engaged.

  • Rep Leaderboards

    Identify your top performers and help your entire team learn from the best.

Understand the full buyers’ journey

Most deals involve several decision makers, but not all of decision makers make it into your CRM. Capture all sales activity and contact data automatically so you can nurture the right people, accelerate deals and improve marketing attribution.

  • Contact Creation

    Automatically capture all contacts from sales activity.

  • Opportunity Mapping

    Get a full picture of everyone involved in every deal.

  • Lead Conversion

    Maintain better lead hygiene with automated lead-to-contact conversion.

Hundreds of businesses use Clari to help their teams be more connected, efficient and predictable.

Here are just a few of their stories

Rick Haag
Global Director of Sales Operations
Michelle Reynaud
VP Global Sales Systems and Processes
Candi Bashiri
Director of Worldwide Sales Business Applications
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