Account Engagement

Align your account strategy  with execution.

You've optimized your go-to-market motion for a set of key accounts, but do you know which ones reps are spending time on? AI-driven insights show how your team is working their accounts so you can identify engagement gaps and better allocate resources to win more business.

See account relationships in a whole new way.

Rep Activity Data Whitespace Analysis Account Coverage KPIs
  • Rep Activity Data

    Get a complete and accurate view of where your reps are spending their time and which accounts they’re focused on.

  • Whitespace Analysis

    Quickly identify key accounts that aren’t getting enough attention from your team so you can reallocate resources accordingly.

  • Account Coverage KPIs

    Track aggregate engagement across all your target accounts to align your account strategy with execution.

Capture every signal.

With Clari, data from every touchpoint is processed and analyzed. This includes email and calendar, but it goes well beyond, including sales engagement, phone calls and countless other integrations. After analyzing this data, Clari surfaces valuable insights that help inform your strategy and align your entire revenue team—from sales to marketing to customer success.

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Drill in on key segments of accounts.

Clari breaks down your accounts by their exact status—so you can easily see which ones are healthy, which ones are at risk and which ones are somewhere in the middle.

Accounts with no activity in the last 60 days

Accounts with no activity in the last 60 days

Easily see which accounts have no recent activity so you can prompt your reps to increase engagement.

Accounts with upcoming renewals and no engagement

Accounts with upcoming renewals and no engagement

View which low-activity accounts have upcoming renewals and strategize accordingly.

Accounts in key segments

Accounts in key segments

View account activity across all segments to ensure your reps are spending their time and effort wisely.

With Clari, we have all our account engagement data at our fingertips, so we can make informed decisions about account segmentation and territory planning.

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