SAN FRANCISCO - MARCH 24, 2015 - Today Clari — the company that delivers Predictive Sales Analytics to drive action — announced that VMware, Box, Juniper Networks and Five9 use Clari to gain new visibility into their sales pipelines and take immediate action to close more deals. Using Clari, companies can increase their close rates by 25%, shrink sales cycles by 30%, and increase forecast accuracy by 40%.

Clari’s data science in the cloud analyzes critical sales information — including CRM, email, calendar, news and social media — evaluating the reps progress, the customer’s communication, and the quality of every opportunity in the pipeline. 

With Clari...
  • Executives easily identify key areas of risk in the forecast,
  • Managers have new visibility into opportunities needing attention, and
  • Reps get actionable insights about accounts and relationships to help close deals faster.

Clari’s data science engine is growing at a significant clip — analyzing more than 1.5 billion deals throughout 2014.

Unlike other predictive analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools that can take weeks to deploy, Clari’s Predictive Sales Analytics can deliver value to the entire sales organization in under two minutes.
Here’s a snapshot of how some of the world’s largest and fastest growing companies are transforming their sales process with Clari:

VMware Drives Revenue With Prescriptive Insights
Sales managers at VMware’s Networking & Security Business Unit (NSBU), the leading networking virtualization solution, rely on Clari’s predictive analytics to identify deals at risk, allowing them to quickly take action and generate more revenue. VMware NSBU also valued how fast and easy it was to get Clari fully operational, delivering value instantly on the spot, without needing IT support.

"Before Clari, we never had the data — let alone the analytics — to deliver accurate forecasts," said John Jendricks, NSBU VP of Business Development and Operations at VMware. "Clari’s data science scoring helps my team identify the deals that need additional support and execs trust Clari to help improve forecast accuracy and drive more revenue. And our reps and managers love it so much so that it organically spread across all of our sales teams and they are now using it nearly every day.”

Box Boosts Deal Visibility With Mobile Technology
Box makes businesses more productive, competitive and collaborative by connecting people and their most important information. As a company with mobility at its core, Box sales reps must be connected and productive while on the road, and managers need instant visibility into field activities.

“We needed a mobile solution for our reps to easily and accurately capture deal progress, and give managers and execs better visibility into deals,” said Doug Landis, VP of Sales Productivity at Box. “Clari is helping to increase productivity in the field and provide the insights managers need to drive action.”

Juniper Networks Helps Managers Coach With Data
“Data is at the center of the future of sales,” said Eddie Mello, Senior Director of GTM Operations at Juniper Networks, an industry leader in network innovation. “With Clari, Juniper’s sales managers quickly assess where reps need more guidance and tap into the platform’s predictive analytics to steer them in the right direction. Managers can spot which deals are moving (and which are not), monitor outreach response, and evaluate pipeline strength across the entire sales team.”

Five9 Increases Visibility and the Bottom Line
Five9, a leading provider of cloud contact center software, is focused on growing revenue and profitability — part of which involves having an accurate pipeline. “With Clari’s predictive analytics, regional VPs improve forecast accuracy and enhance rep and deal management,” said Ari Klionsky, VP of Sales Operations at Five9. “They can manage bigger teams and simplify the process of scaling revenue.” To boost the bottom line, Five9 execs and managers use insight from Clari to help coach reps in the field, save at-risk deals and expose the most effective sales processes and tactics.

"Like the pioneers who brought new technology to marketing — Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua (Oracle), and ExactTarget (Salesforce) — Clari is introducing a new era of data-driven technology for sales," said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. "We are proud to be partnering with our visionary customers as we bring the power of predictive analytics to sales."