Groove Delivered 238% ROI and Payback in Less Than Six Months, According to Total Economic Impact Study

Clari’s sales engagement solution enables sellers to increase pipeline, conversions, and win rates through automation and AI.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – December 12, 2023 – Clari, the leading Revenue Platform, today announced that companies using Clari’s sales engagement solution, Groove, realized a 238% ROI (return on investment), $7.35M NPV (net present value), and payback in fewer than six months. That's according to the findings of a recent Clari-commissioned study by Forrester Consulting quantifying the value of Groove's leading sales engagement solution, which uses industry-specific workflow automation and AI to help sales reps create more pipeline and engage prospects in the most personalized and effective manner.

Pipeline creation and conversion are top of mind for every company right now. For too many enterprises, manual and inconsistent sales processes and a lack of real-time, data-driven insights are holding revenue teams back, stalling revenue capture and resulting in revenue leak. Groove solves this problem, allowing organizations to implement the right cadences that help revenue teams scale prospecting, work deals, and expand accounts—ultimately driving greater revenue growth and precision.

According to the independent study "The Total Economic Impact™ of Groove, a Clari Company," customers that use Groove saw marked "improvements to the number of first meetings booked, increased deal conversion for new business, and increased customer renewal rates. Sellers and managers gained efficiencies by streamlining manual tasks and leveraging existing content and best practices stored within the platform to eliminate redundancy and save time with outreach, onboarding, and rep coaching preparation."

Based on interviews with six Clari customers, the Forrester study found that a composite organization¹ achieved the following benefits within three years using the Groove solution:

  • Profits of $1.2 million through deal conversion rate improvements
  • 30% boost in ability to secure first meetings
  • Customer renewal rate increases of up to 4%
  • 100% elimination of manual activity logging
  • 83% time savings on writing emails
  • 33% time savings on coaching prep and 15% on onboarding new hires
  • $350,000 annual savings from retiring previous sales point solutions

The Forrester study also posited several other benefits of Groove, including enhanced accountability amongst sales teams, higher platform adoption from sellers, better client data security, adaptable customer support, and increased Salesforce usage.

"The customer value of Groove's sales engagement capabilities is unmatched and is further amplified when integrated with Clari's market-leading AI-powered Revenue Platform," said Clari CEO Andy Byrne. "With Groove recently added to the Clari portfolio, revenue teams now get real-time insights and suggested actions across every revenue workflow to create and convert more pipeline, while company leaders can see every input, tie every activity to results, and precisely predict revenue outcomes."

Byrne continued: "In this economy, companies are wisely putting their tech investments under the microscope. We encourage revenue leaders to review Forrester's findings and consider how Groove and Clari can bring together all revenue-critical employees to collaborate on and control every component of the revenue process for execution at scale. It's never been more important to run revenue with speed and precision across the entire enterprise."

From manual, inconsistent selling to data-driven, personalized selling at scale

Groove is the sales engagement component of Clari's complete AI-powered Revenue Platform, which supplants decades-old tech—CRM, spreadsheets, and BI tools—with modern solutions purpose-built to help companies stop revenue leak and run the revenue process with precision.

The sales leaders interviewed by Forrester detailed how before Groove, their organizations were struggling to develop an effective, data-informed selling culture. Hobbled by manual processes and a lack of reliable data, sellers and managers were unable to pinpoint which activities worked and which didn't. After implementing Groove, they spoke to a spectrum of the solution’s many benefits:

"The entire sales organization was on the same mission to close business for the next year. You can see that markets with Groove all killed their budget, and the five markets that did not achieve their goals are my lowest adoption."
– VP, sales operations and data analytics at a media company with $3.3B in annual revenue and 10,000 employees

"What overrides everything is that it meets our security [requirements], it meets our compliance [requirements], and it's delivering a better experience and the ability for success for our sales teams."
– Senior director, worldwide commercial operations for a human resources company with $17.6B in annual revenue and 60,000 employees

"It's the ability to do consistent outreach, A/B testing, and monitoring. It's also beneficial as an SDR can go through a number of different templates that marketing has provided. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we're able to customize particular messaging based off of somebody's interest and from where they came to the website.
– Senior director, global marketing operations and technology at a cybersecurity company with $600M in annual revenue and 2,000 employees

"Our customer retention reps rely on Groove and its automation to keep messaging and talking to [customers]. We know that if they don't have enough check-ins from customer retention reps, they're less likely to renew—so at least 5% to 10% uplift [in our renewal rate]."
– Senior vice president, supplier success at an information services company with $15M in annual revenue and 70 employees

Companies that consolidate their revenue technology on Clari's platform enable their revenue teams to execute every internal and external revenue workflow—including deal and pipeline inspection, revenue forecasting, sales engagement, conversation intelligence, deal management, mutual action plans, and data capture and ingestion. As a result, customers consistently achieve substantial improvements across key revenue metrics—including 24% win rate increases, 10% fewer slipped deals, 12-fold increases in forecast accuracy, and 80% improvements in productivity.

Download the complete Forrester Consulting study today.

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¹ Forrester Consulting interviewed six representatives with experience using Groove, aggregated the interviewees' experiences and combined the results into a single composite organization that is a B2B enterprise headquartered in the US with 5,000 employees, $1.5 billion in annual revenues, an average contract value of $50,000, and profit margin of 15%. (Back to top)