Clari’s New Adaptive Revenue Metrics Provide Real-Time Diagnostics for Revenue Leaders

Sunnyvale, CA - April 2, 2020 - Clari, the revenue operations leader, today announced the launch of Adaptive Revenue Metrics. Now, the entire revenue organization from the C-suite to individual sellers, can share a real-time view of key revenue health indicators, so they can quickly assess risk and formulate game plans that impact the bottom line.

Revenue leaders today rely on stale spreadsheets and offline data manipulation in CRM or BI tools to try to keep on top of their business. Powered by up-to-the-minute quota, forecast, and CRM data, Clari’s Adaptive Revenue Metrics continuously surface the insights that matter most for each unique business. These metrics can include calculations like retention rates, forecast coverage ratio, average sales price, product pipeline mix and other configurable metrics that help gauge the health of the business.

"With Clari's Adaptive Revenue Metrics, we get real-time insights that ensure we're always focused on the most important health indicators of our business," said Mike Domazet, Chief Pipeline Officer at PTC. "Our sales leaders use insights like pipeline coverage and deal-level forecast coverage to provide in-the-moment coaching to the field in a more scalable and actionable way."

Clari’s Adaptive Revenue Metrics create transparency and accountability across the revenue operation, allowing revenue leaders to instantly answer key questions, including:

  • Do we have enough late-stage pipeline coverage to meet our current quarter forecast?
  • With unexpected churn, are we still on target to hit our net retention goals?
  • Are we addressing white space by generating a healthy mix of existing and net new business pipeline?
  • Do we have the right product mix in our pipeline?
  • Are all of our selling teams closing deals faster?
  • Are we sourcing and closing bigger deals compared to previous quarters?

“Over 50 percent of forecasted opportunities are closed lost. That’s worse than a coin flip, and it puts companies at a huge risk every quarter,” said Andy Byrne, CEO, Clari. “Because every company is different, we’re tripling down on capabilities that let every organization track and forecast revenue in a way that aligns with how they run their business. By liberating our customers from disconnected spreadsheets, they get visibility they’ve never had before so they can accurately predict revenue and align their operating plans.”

"The ability to interpret signals and manage a holistic view of revenue KPIs is what every CEO and board expects from their revenue team," said Anthony McPartlin, Research Director, Sales Operations, SiriusDecisions. "Bringing performance measures together in ways that connect activities to outputs and ultimately, commercial impacts such as growth, efficiency, and market position is a game-changer. These linkages allow functional and executive leadership to detect and diagnose revenue engine issues and to exercise control of performance when connected to the appropriate management cadence."

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