Clari Revenue Platform Can Deliver Up to 448% ROI

Companies stand to gain more than $14 million in benefits as they achieve revenue precision

SUNNYVALE, CA — June 28, 2022 — Clari, the leader in Revenue Collaboration & Governance (RevCG), today released the results of an independent study that quantifies the total economic impact (TEI) for companies that run Clari's Revenue Platform to stop revenue leak and achieve revenue precision.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Clari found that companies that deploy the Clari Revenue Platform to their revenue-critical employees can achieve a 448% return on investment (ROI) via:

  1. Improved sales forecast accuracy;
  2. Increased revenue team productivity;
  3. Standardized and scaled revenue-critical processes, and
  4. Annual revenue growth.

"Now more than ever, every drop of revenue matters," said Andy Byrne, co-founder and CEO of Clari. "Clari's Revenue Platform is the first to empower all revenue-critical employees to collaborate on and govern enterprise-wide revenue. As a result, our customers are able to capture every drop of revenue and see immense value through the potential of 448% ROI."

10% Increase in Win Rates

In addition to realizing an impressive ROI in less than six months, Clari customers experience greater revenue precision after deploying Clari's Revenue Platform to revenue-critical employees. In its study, Forrester found that sales teams increased their win rates by 10%. These results align with Clari's customer data, which estimates that after just one year on its Revenue Platform, Clari's more than 550 customers captured an additional 6% in combined revenue that would have otherwise leaked.

Clari Surfaces Revenue At-Risk

"Interviewees described two ways in which Clari helped them grow revenue. First, Clari drove consistency and governance—i.e., the codification and adoption of best practices—across the revenue organization," the Forrester study stated. "Second, Clari provided enhanced, deal-level visibility to prevent revenue leak. That is, Clari surfaced at-risk deals that would have otherwise been lost, enabling sales teams to close additional deals sooner."

Other findings from Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Clari Revenue Platform study:

  • Increased forecast accuracy informs better strategic decisions. The study found that as forecast accuracy improved using Clari's Revenue Platform, companies had greater predictability of their revenue process, enabling executive teams to make better strategic investment decisions.
  • Less time spent on administrative duties and more time spent selling. After implementing Clari's Revenue Platform, Forrester found that revenue-critical employees realized productivity gains as they achieved revenue precision. Managers benefited from better insights and real-time visibility into their pipelines while sales reps found it easier to update deal statuses and forecasts. Further, revenue operations teams spent less time assembling forecasts.
  • Better alignment and collaboration for revenue-critical employees. Using Clari's market-leading Revenue Platform, the study found that all revenue-critical employees—from marketing and sales to solutions engineering and professional services—were better aligned and collaborating more effectively to run the revenue process to achieve greater revenue growth.

To learn more about how Clari is helping its customers achieve revenue precision through RevCG, register to attend the fireside chat on July 19 featuring Lily Varon, Senior Analyst at Forrester, Dan O’Connell, CSO/CRO at Clari customer Dialpad, and Kevin Knieriem, CRO at Clari.

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