Clari Announces Revenue Operations Council

Thought Leaders Chart the Future of Revenue Operations with Comprehensive Research Agenda

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — MARCH 17, 2021 —  Clari, the Revenue Operations leader, today announced the formation of the Revenue Operations Council and shared the Council’s 2021 research agenda. Drawn from thought leaders across the world’s most effective revenue teams, the role of the Revenue Operations Council is to provide market education on strategy, best practices and professional development to the worldwide Revenue Operations community.

“RevOps creates one singular go-to-market (GTM) model for technology general managers to drive end-to-end revenue growth and customer acquisition,” said Alastair Woolcock, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, et al. “RevOps sets the stage for companies to evolve their maturity in GTM approach and keep pace with modern end-to-end revenue production."

The Revenue Operations Council (ROC) represents a range of different strategies and revenue approaches, from global enterprise brands to high velocity growth companies. 

Charter members include:

Mike Domazet

Chief Pipeline Officer, PTC

Debra Estrada

Global VP, Revenue Operations, WalkMe

Cody Guymon

COO, Global Sales, Qualtrics

Hilary Headlee

Head of Global Sales Ops and Enablement, Zoom

Ron Johnson

VP, Sales Operations, Workday

Phillip Jones

VP, Sales Operations, Alteryx

Jake Randall

VP, CIAM and Workflows, Okta

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Head of Revenue Operations, Clari

Pilar Schenk

VP, Global Sales Operations, McAfee

Karan Singh

VP, Revenue Operations, Procore Technologies

The ROC also announced its research agenda for 2021, drawn from the members’ experiences and insights in establishing Revenue Operations practices in their companies. The research program focuses on the role of Revenue Operations teams in driving strategic go-to-market initiatives, as well as primary research on the state of the Revenue Operations in the market today.

Research topics include:

  • Strategic KPIs to Fuel Growth Initiatives: Every organization has a driving strategy and set of initiatives that dictates the overall GTM approach. How can Revenue Operations teams measure what matters as they operationalize that strategy?

  • Establishing a Single Source of Truth: Alignment starts with the basics—what do we know, and how do we know it? A critical role for Revenue Operations teams is to eliminate the “bring your own report” phenomena, and replace it with a culture of transparency and accountability based on shared facts.

  • Communications and Cadences:  Operationalizing a strategy means designing robust, resilient processes over the course of the 12 week quarter. Who’s in the room? What do they look at? What decisions are made? How is accountability established and progress tracked? Different business profiles require different approaches.

The ROC’s initial research report Strategic KPIs to Fuel Growth Initiatives is available now from Clari’s website.

*Gartner, Tech Providers 2025: RevOps Is the End-to-End Strategy to Deliver Revenue Growth Faster, October 2020

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