Clari is First Revenue Platform Provider to Surpass $4 Trillion in Revenue Under Management

Milestone is a tipping point in the growth of the Revenue Platform market.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 10, 2024 – Clari today announced that more than $4 trillion in revenue is flowing through the Clari Revenue Platform, making Clari the first revenue technology provider to achieve the milestone. This represents a pivotal tipping point in the fast-growing Revenue Platform market.

  • Revenue Leak has emerged as a material, board level problem, with the average company experiencing 14.9% of revenue loss due to breakdowns in the revenue process, according to Clari Labs.
  • Large scale enterprises across industries are investing in enterprise-grade, AI-powered Revenue Platforms to create, convert, and close more pipeline. 
  • All of which has made Head of Revenue Operations the #1 fastest growing job in America.

With the power of AI, having more than $4 trillion of revenue under management creates new possibilities for Clari customers to optimize their enterprise revenue process – across sales, revenue operations, marketing, customer success, finance, and more – based on new ways to capture and monitor revenue data, apply revenue-centric AI, and leverage the world's largest and fastest growing AI reservoir of enterprise revenue expertise.

Revenue Under Management has emerged as the key metric for customers evaluating Revenue Platforms. The larger the revenue dataset to train the AI, the more it can learn, and the more effective the resulting actions will be, creating an ever-increasing revenue flywheel.

$4 trillion in revenue under management creates a material advantage for Clari’s customers by harvesting the largest and fastest growing AI database of revenue data to inform near-term revenue execution and longer-term strategic planning for executive teams.

Clari Labs is doing the same constantly discovering and learning new ways to run revenue and distributing the learnings to strategic partners and customers, helping optimize their Revenue Cadences.

Revenue data

Revenue Leak is destroying more than $2 trillion in economic value each year, according to findings from Boston Consulting Group.

To identify Revenue Leak, companies need a comprehensive view of their revenue data. This is why Clari created RevDB, the most comprehensive revenue database in the world. RevDB is broad — pulling together all revenue-critical signals from a variety of sources including CRM, meetings, emails, calls, and run rate and product telemetry data from data warehouses. RevDB is deep — with its real-time sync engine and time series snapshotting architecture helping surface real time revenue leak, historical trends, and revenue predictions.

Leveraging RevDB’s rich data and analytics, customers on average experience a 10% reduction in slipped deals after one year using Clari, according to Clari Labs. What’s more, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Clari shows that Clari’s AI-powered platform helped customers save 40% more committed revenue.

Purpose-built AI

Clari's innovative approach recognizes the crucial role of AI in driving actionable insights and optimizing revenue outcomes. Clari understands that the quality of AI relies heavily on the depth and breadth of the underlying data. The $4 trillion revenue dataset fuels Clari's purpose-built AI, which is embedded within existing and new workflows, ensuring seamless integration and maximum effectiveness. Unlike generic AI solutions, Clari's purpose-built AI is tailored to meet the specific needs of revenue teams, providing descriptive, predictive, and generative AI capabilities.

This is why customers see a 10-12x improvement in forecast accuracy when comparing week four of their first quarter on Clari, as compared to week four of that same quarter the following year. According to JD Miller, CRO at Kantata: "With Clari, the AI automatically takes into account all of the unique nuances of our team. In 16 out of 17 quarters when I used Clari at Motus, I was able to predict how we'd finish that quarter within $100k by the second week."

Revenue expertise

With a keen focus on treating revenue as an enterprise-wide, systematic process, Clari has developed unmatched expertise helping customers run revenue. Clari Labs combined with the power of AI yield a never-ending stream of learnings across $4 trillion deal flow. This expertise has not gone unnoticed, as top consulting and global system integrators such as Deloitte have chosen to partner with Clari to develop and implement robust revenue practices. At the heart of Clari's approach lies Clari’s Revenue Cadence Playbook, a blueprint meticulously crafted to guide organizations in effectively managing and maximizing their revenue.

This latest strategic partnership and proven methodology exemplify Clari's commitment to driving tangible results and fostering long-term success for customers — including Databricks who saw a 19% decrease in slipped deals with the Clari platform.

Key learnings

With the adoption of an end-to-end revenue flywheel approach, Clari ensures that every customer can unlock the full potential of each revenue cadence. By harnessing the power of comprehensive data, advanced AI capabilities, and targeted actions, businesses can propel their revenue growth to new heights while leveraging Clari's deep expertise in revenue management.

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