Clari Introduces Revenue Confidence Assessment to Help Revenue Leaders Recognize Risk and Act Fast

Sunnyvale, CA - April 14, 2020 - Clari, the revenue operations leader, today introduced the Revenue Confidence Assessment, a service designed to help revenue teams understand the potential impact of COVID-19, and identify ways to mitigate risks to their business. Revenue leaders can gain line of sight into the state of their business — with real-time visibility not available in their CRM.

The Revenue Confidence Assessment is a complimentary service that Clari's revenue experts can complete within 7 business days following connection to the organization's Salesforce environment. Companies best suited for this service are B2B-focused, with sales teams that employ between 50 and 5,000 quota carriers. The service is built on Clari’s best practices for pipeline health and forecasting and is equally applicable to direct and indirect sales organizations.

Examples of revenue confidence insights provided as part of the service include:

  • Total COVID-19 at-risk opportunities and slip rate analysis
  • Total pipeline value of late-stage deals with minimal recent rep or prospect engagement
  • All next quarter deals that can be accelerated and pulled into current quarter
  • Percentage of total pipeline idle or slipping out of the quarter
  • Automated historical run-rate modeling to identify expected revenue impact
  • Historical conversion rate analysis to identify areas for sales enablement and process optimization

Armed with these insights, revenue leaders can make sure their team is laser-focused on the right accounts and opportunities, identify risk, and regain confidence in their pipeline.

“Our Revenue Confidence Assessment gives you certainty about the prospects for your business. It allows you to determine how to deploy your resources, what opportunities to invest in, and what outcomes you can expect,” said Kevin Knieriem, Chief Revenue Officer, Clari. “Our new service is designed to arm executive staff with complete visibility in real-time, so they can regain trust in their pipeline and optimize their operating plan for current market conditions.”