Expansion of Clari partner ecosystem drives improvements in pipeline visibility and sales execution

Sunnyvale, Calif. — October 25, 2017 — Clari, the leading provider of opportunity-to-close solutions, today announced it is integrating with ClearSlide, DocuSign, and Xactly as the company continues to expand its partner ecosystem. Integrations with these best-of-breed application providers give sales teams a deeper understanding of buyer behavior and other aspects of the sales process to improve pipeline visibility and sales execution during the critical opportunity-to-close process.

“Buyers send out dozens of signals, such as viewing an online presentation or redlining a contract, that shine a light on where they are in their journey,” said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. “By surfacing insights currently locked up in other business systems at key moments during the selling process, the entire sales org is positioned to identify risk and upside in the forecast early and focus on the right deals.”

Unlike other solutions in the market, Clari’s opportunity-to-close platform already integrates Google and Microsoft email and calendar activity, giving sales teams immediate knowledge of sales rep and prospect behavior. The company’s new integrations drive next-level sales execution by:

  • Shining a spotlight on prospect engagement with content during the sales cycle.
    Through integration with sales engagement platforms, in context of a particular opportunity, a sales rep can see the degree to which a prospect is engaging with files, documents, and presentations that have been shared.

    “With average B2B sales quota attainment at historically low levels, companies are utilizing integrated systems of engagement like ClearSlide to delight customers and earn their business,” said Michael Schultz, vice president, marketing and business development at ClearSlide. “We’re very excited by Clari’s integration with ClearSlide – we’re jointly arming sales and marketing leaders with customer engagement intelligence so they can assess deal momentum, forecast risk, and know where to jump in and provide coaching.”
  • Revealing the true level of prospect activity during contract negotiations.
    By integrating digital transaction management and eSignature platforms with opportunity-to-close systems, sales teams can see when documents are engaged by prospects — and then analyze the overall activity around the files shared with those prospects.

    "Our integration with Clari allows for data resident in DocuSign to be leveraged smartly for a more effective sales engagement,” explained Mark Register, senior vice president, business development and channels at DocuSign. “This real-time insight gives sales reps visibility into prospect behavior at a critical step in the purchase process so they can take action to accelerate opportunities to close.”
  • Showing reps how forecasted opportunities will impact sales compensation.
    By integrating expected commission into the forecasting process, reps can see in context how changes to their forecast will impact the total payouts.

    “Sales compensation is paid out after the deal is closed,” said Ron Rasmussen, CTO and senior vice president of engineering at Xactly. “Our integration with Clari is providing an early view into what reps can expect their commission to be, based on the number they are calling. This will not only help shape forecasting behaviors and improve accuracy, but will also give finance and sales management an early view into the total expected commission spend so they can plan accordingly.”

    “During the quarter, reps are laser-focused on managing opportunities to close,” said Kurt Schlimme, senior director sales operations at Broadsoft. “We’re excited about the integration between Clari and Xactly as a way to provide an early view into what reps can expect their commission to be based on the business they expect to close. This type of visibility can help shape forecasting behaviors which in turn can drive greater forecast accuracy.”

For more information about Clari’s opportunity-to-close partner ecosystem and related pilot program visit the Clari website or schedule your private introduction demo at Dreamforce.