SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 22, 2015Clari, a leader in predictive sales analytics, is helping sales teams nail their number by offering a free, five-minute pipeline stress test to identify and take action on deals at risk.

The offer also includes a 30-day trial of Clari’s predictive sales analytics platform that allows sales reps to close deals faster, managers to drive more revenue, and VPs to deliver more accurate forecasts.
Clari applies data science to a host of critical sales information — including CRM, corporate email, calendar, news, social media, and more — giving sales execs new insight into the quality of every deal in the pipeline. These insights position sales execs to easily identify at-risk deals and coach reps for success. And by revealing deal quality, Clari strengthens “management judgment” to ensure a more accurate forecast.
The Pipeline Stress Test will analyze the deals of qualified companies to uncover new and valuable insights, such as:
  • 5 biggest deals with less than a 50% chance of closing
  • Reps with at least one deal at serious risk for the quarter
  • Deals overdue for action

Leading sales teams – including those at Aruba Networks, Box, Juniper, and Five9 – are closing deals faster, driving more revenue, and improving forecast accuracy with Clari. Find out how your sales teams can increase close rates by 25%, shrink sales cycles by 30%, and increase forecast accuracy by 40%.

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