Sunnyvale, CA — March 31, 2016 — Clari, the leading end-to-end sales analytics and forecasting solution provider, today announced new industry-leading customers, including Palo Alto Networks, Gigamon, Opower and Digital Guardian. These companies optimize their selling and sales management by using Clari to support every member of the sales team: executives, managers, and sales reps.

“We are thrilled to have Digital Guardian, Gigamon, Opower and Palo Alto Networks running Clari  in their sales operations,” said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. “Industry leaders continue to spearhead the use of predictive analytics and data-driven forecasting to optimize their selling and sales management.”

Each of these companies thoroughly vetted Clari’s solution and is implementing it throughout their sales organizations. Some of these companies selected Clari because it provides:

  • Exceptional executive visibility: Intuitive, automated reports and visuals give sales executives new understanding of the health of their entire business.
  • Improved forecast accuracy: A user experience designed for sales managers and powered by data science reduces “blind spots,” such as deals at risk or those with a potential to close faster, so managers can forecast with confidence.
  • Seamless pipeline inspection: Sales managers and executives understand the true state of their representatives’ deals with insight into rep activity, real-time deal changes, and at-risk opportunities.
  • Increased sales representative productivity: A simple, unified web and mobile experience streamlines deal updates and prevents missed actions, improving daily rep productivity.

Gigamon Stays “Agile, Informed and Expedient” On High Probability Deals
Gigamon, a Santa-Clara-based leader in traffic visibility solutions, selected Clari to provide better insight into the pipeline and enable a more accurate and efficient forecasting process.

“Understanding what’s happening in our sales pipeline on a daily basis is critical to forecasting accurately,” said Debra Estrada, Senior Director, Global Sales Operations at Gigamon. “After looking at several solutions, we decided that Clari gives us the insight and analytics we require to be agile, informed and expedient in our decision making.”

Digital Guardian Embraces Data Science Scores to “Accelerate Sales Cycles”
Data means everything for Waltham-based Digital Guardian. The next-generation data-protection platform uses Clari for clear, automated reports and visuals giving them new understanding to grow their business.

“Visibility and confidence in deals is critical for our executive and management teams,” said Stephanie Sahr, Director of Global Sales Operations at Digital Guardian. “We were sold on Clari after other customers described their ability to use the Clari deal score to accelerate sales cycles and identify deals that could be pulled in earlier.”

Opower Gets “Amazing Insight” Into Entire Business
Opower, the leading customer engagement platform for major utilities, selected Clari as a clean, simple way to manage their sales pipeline and overall business. The company especially values Clari’s always up-to-date pipeline and standardized opportunity management.

“Clari is the next generation in sales management,” said Jeremy Kirsch, Executive Vice President and GM, Worldwide Sales at Opower. “We chose Clari because the intuitive visuals give me, and my line managers, amazing insight into our entire business in seconds. We could never get this visibility from our CRM alone.”

Learn more about Clari’s offering directly from these and other customers at EXCEED, the first ever event dedicated to sales operations and sales enablement. Visit for more details on the hands-on learning and sharing event filled with keynote speakers, breakout sessions on topics like data-driven selling and forecasting best practices, as well as fireside chats, roundtables and networking opportunities.