MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - SEPTEMBER 2, 2015 - Clari, the company that delivers predictive sales analytics to drive action, today announced Activity Analytics, designed to give enterprise sales teams new insight into the health of their sales activities, and provide executives with clear visibility into deal progress. With the launch of Activity Analytics, Clari is the first company to offer a predictive sales analytics solution that collects, analyzes, and acts on data from critical data sources including email, calendar, and call center systems, going beyond what traditional business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM) tools can offer

"Enterprise sales teams have suffered from a significant blind spot due to the limited functionality of their BI and CRM tools. Applying advanced data science across a broad range of data sources beyond CRM is unlocking new levels of visibility for sales teams," said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari. "With Activity Analytics, we are forging new ground in data science and predictive analytics that is providing new visibility into sales deals, improve forecasting and significantly reduce data entry."

Driven by Clari’s patent-pending Predictive Services Layer™, the new Activity Analytics offers the following key capabilities not found in BI or CRM tools:
  • Automatic Event Tracking: Clari automatically collects and tracks all sales rep events, such as emails, meetings and files, across both Microsoft Exchange and Gmail environments, eliminating manual data entry into CRM systems by sales teams.
  • Rep Activity Analysis: Clari provides historical and real-time views into rep activity, giving first line managers new understanding of rep and team progress.
  • Customer Activity Analysis: Clari provides historical and real-time views of customer engagement, showing managers exactly which customers are engaged and which are not throughout the deal management process.
  • Activity Scoring: Clari analyzes email and calendar activity to score the likelihood of a deals closing or slipping, providing new insights for managers to take action on deals that can make or break their quarters.
  • Deal Execution Views: Clari’s interactive Deal Execution Views map out the end-to-end activity on every deal, providing new views that managers and executives can leverage to help coach their reps to apply best practices and close deals faster.
  • Activity Quadrants and Activity Trending: Clari offers a host of new executive dashboard components (activity quadrants, activity trending and more) that enable first line managers, theater VPs, and sales ops leaders track all deal activity in entirely new ways, eliminating the need for complex CRM reports and spreadsheet rollups.

"Predictive solutions are attractive to sales leaders, because they are turnkey solutions that give sales users sophisticated insights and recommendations without the need to integrate with an internal data warehouse or to rely on corporate-standard BI platforms." said Tad Travis, Research Director and Todd Berkowitz, Research Director at Gartner. "In addition, they offer rapid time-to-value: Instead of needing to learn how to build statistical models, end users only have to consume the outputs of the model."

Clari uses advanced data science to expose at-risk deals, assess customer excitement and interest, and help managers and executives deliver unprecedented forecast accuracy. Clari uses deep insight into individual deals as well as sales rep and customer activity to augment management judgment. As a result of this prescriptive approach of analyzing years of data and activity, not only can Clari help sales executives identify deals that need attention, but also offer recommendations to move a deal forward based on historic activity, thereby streamlining the sales and forecasting processes.

Clari’s Activity Analytics is available now. Schedule a personal briefing and demo at Dreamforce.