Clari Adds Two New US Patents to Accelerate Innovation in Revenue Operations

Sunnyvale, Calif. - February 4, 2020 - Clari, provider of the leading AI-powered revenue operations platform, today announced the addition of two new US patents to its portfolio of innovative IP to make the B2B revenue process more efficient, connected and predictable.

“We founded Clari with the belief that revenue is a process that can be controlled, automated and optimized like any other critical business process,” said Venkat Rangan, CTO and co-founder at Clari. “We are constantly pushing the envelope, leveraging advanced AI and machine learning to help B2B companies save time and get better insights so they can identify risk and opportunity across their revenue process, and more accurately predict outcomes.”

The new patents include:

  • Activity Scoring (Patent #10,438,172). A method for determining the significance of meetings and meeting participants throughout the sales cycle as another signal to inform deal and pipeline inspection. This novel algorithm leverages Clari’s knowledge graph and applies circularity models where meeting importance depends on the importance of its participants, which in turn depends on the importance of meetings they attend. The ability to automatically rank meetings and participants dramatically reduces the reliance on manual tagging and provides a scalable way to identify the types of meetings and participants with the highest impact on deal outcomes.
  • Stage Velocity (Patent #10,430,239). A method for predicting the amount of time and effort each step in the revenue process takes. For example, Clari can determine the amount of time and effort needed to move an opportunity from its current stage to the next stage and more broadly, how long it would take to win an opportunity. This algorithm leverages machine learning techniques to identify patterns of previous tasks by specific teams in specific contexts to predict completion times. This level of visibility allows revenue teams to better assess risk, predict close dates and take steps to close gap to plan.