Clari Adds Five New Approved US Patents to Accelerate Innovation in Revenue Operations

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. — January 26, 2021 —  Clari, the Revenue Operations leader, announced today that five new patents were approved by the US Patents and Trademark Office. These new patents are the latest additions to  Clari’s rich portfolio of innovations designed to make the B2B revenue process more connected, efficient and predictable.

The new patented technologies and advanced algorithmic systems make the gathering, snapshotting and organizing of revenue data more scalable, so it can be more easily used for extracting insights and making accurate revenue predictions. The patents also introduce innovative methods to automate updates to CRM systems that improve data quality and boost productivity for revenue teams, as well as assess and forecast the level of effort required to complete revenue generation activities.

"Clari's patent portfolio has seen rapid growth, building on our continued investment in best-in-class technology and the growth of our engineering organization," said Venkat Rangan, CTO, and co-founder at Clari. "We leverage advanced AI and machine learning to help B2B companies operationalize their GTM strategies and deliver predictable revenue by automatically integrating data from across the revenue process providing total visibility to all levels of the revenue team, and streamlining execution." 

The new patents include:

  1. Revenue data synchronization. Powering Clari's Time Series Data Hub, this patent provides a system for automatically and periodically synchronizing data from activity sources, such as email and calendar applications, while reducing manual data entry. As part of this process, unstructured data is converted into structured database entries that are time stamped and associated with the right revenue object, such as opportunity or account for trend analysis and revenue predictions.
  2. Revenue data classification. This patent provides a method to automatically classify roles and types of activities using machine learning techniques. Such classification enables revenue teams to accurately measure the level of seller and buyer activity typically required in each stage of the revenue process for more informed deal inspection and coaching. 
  3. Voice-enabled CRM updates. A system for capturing and updating CRM systems via voice commands integrations that improves data quality and revenue team productivity, while reducing the manual data entry required to keep CRM records up to date. 
  4. Revenue activity velocity. Algorithms for predicting task completion rates based on historical completion rates and trends from discrete time periods. The particular invention uses machine learning on time series data of activity as captured in the context of revenue generation activities.
  5. Task completion estimation. This invention uses algorithms and data models for estimating the remaining amount of work for reaching specific milestones in the revenue process. With such estimations, revenue teams can better understand and plan future activities for meeting revenue generation goals.

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