October 31, 2017

Your CRM and Clari: 1 + 1 = 3

David Karel

David Karel

David Karel
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The CRM system has become a foundational part of the way sales teams operate.  Most companies couldn’t imagine selling without one.  For almost two decades, CRM platforms have given sales organizations the means to centrally capture valuable customer information and begin automating certain processes.

Despite these advances, most sales organizations continue to struggle in their ability to execute and scale against growing revenue targets.  For example, according to a research study we ran earlier this year, only 14% of sales orgs report over 70% of sales reps hitting quota -- and fewer than 1 in 10 sales orgs can forecast within 5% of actual achievement, even when just 2 weeks from end of quarter. 

What’s happening?

The sales motion is stalling out during the critical opportunity-to-close process that starts with a sales rep qualifying a lead into pipeline and ends when the deal gets signed.  Sales productivity at every level of the organization is being gobbled up with sales reps, managers, and execs chasing sales ops (and one another!) for visibility and forecast predictability.

This is where Clari comes in.  With real-time bi-directional integration with your CRM, sales teams are taking their sales effort to the next level, leaving the “chasing game” behind by driving opportunities to close with greater organization-wide focus and rigor.

Take a look at this infographic which puts a spotlight on the transformational impact that Clari can have on every member of your organization.  In the case of Clari and your CRM investment, the sum is most certainly greater than the parts.

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