Welcome ClearSlide, DocuSign and Xactly to Clari’s Opportunity-to-Close Ecosystem

Somrat Niyogi

Somrat Niyogi
Former Employee

Welcome ClearSlide, DocuSign and Xactly to Clari’s Opportunity-to-Close Ecosystem

Sales jobs have gotten increasingly complex. Every day, sales teams are using different systems and platforms to engage with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey and drive their deals forward. Many valuable insights, that can position the entire sales org to win, are currently locked up in siloed business systems at key points during the selling process. Our customers have come to us asking how we can bring all this data together and make it more accessible to help sales drive more revenue and forecast more effectively.

Today we’re welcoming ClearSlide, DocuSign, and Xactly to the Clari opportunity-to-close (OTC) partner ecosystem as application partners. Through these partner integrations, we’re breaking the data silos and surfacing insights that can help teams identify risk and upside in the forecast, early - and focus on the right deals.  This is just the start of our expanding OTC ecosystem.

Let me tell you why I’m so excited about our new partners.

We already integrate Google and Microsoft email, calendar and files activity, giving sales teams immediate knowledge of sales rep and prospect behavior. With these new integrations, we’re adding even more visibility into opportunities, pipeline, and the forecast by surfacing really important insights that are often locked up in other business systems at key moments during the selling process. I’ll be more specific...

  • By integrating with ClearSlide we’re showing reps how their prospects engage with content during the sales cycle.  

Reps are often flying blind, managing opportunities with not a lot of real feedback on how emails and content they are sharing with prospects are actually consumed. Was the email opened? Did the prospect open the attached pdf? How much time did they spend reviewing the overview presentation? Sharing time spent reviewing files, documents and presentations sent by the rep, integrated from ClearSlide’s sales engagement platform, in context of a particular opportunity, can be instrumental in guiding reps where to focus in order to drive deal progress.

  • With our integration with DocuSign, we’re shining a light on prospect activity during contract negotiations.

Reviewing legal documents and red-line exchanges often represent the last mile of the sales cycle. Informing reps in real-time how many times legal docs are opened, by who and overall activity brought from DocuSign’s digital transaction management system, will allow them to dynamically identify any potential legal bottlenecks that might jeopardize deal closure.

  • Reps can now see how their forecast will impact their sales compensation, by integrating Xactly commission payout calculations into Clari.

Sales compensation is paid out after the deal is closed, as a subproduct of the opportunity to close process. The Clari and Xactly integration is providing an early view into what reps can expect their commission to be, based on the number they are calling. This will not only help shape forecasting behaviors and improve accuracy but will also give finance and sales management an insight into the total expected commission spend, so they can plan accordingly.

So many signals are sent out during the opportunity-to-close process that can help sales teams win. If your data can be used to give reps new visibility into their opportunities, pipeline and forecast, contact us to become an Application Partner. If you’re looking to arm your team with a competitive advantage and you’re heading to Dreamforce next month, let’s connect for a private demo!

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