[Webinar] Areas to Focus When Coaching Enterprise Sales Reps

Somrat Niyogi

Somrat Niyogi
Former Employee

[Webinar] Areas to Focus When Coaching Enterprise Sales Reps

Sales reps tend to be lumped into one of two categories: you’re either a sales superstar or you’re not. As it turns out, most sales reps are not. And guess what? Those average performing “B players” are actually a company’s most valuable asset.

Don’t believe me? The 20/60/20 rule says that about 20% of your sales team are top performers who often meet or exceed quota, and the bottom 20% are under performers who are struggling, and 60%  are somewhere in the middle. That leaves a majority of your sales team with room for improvement and opportunity to perform better. This means coaching your average sales reps and have them become top performers. 

B2B sales reps need to prioritize their time so they are focusing on the deals and activities that matter. That’s where you, as a manager, can start coaching them towards concentrating their efforts to more productive opportunities.

How do you transform average enterprise sales rep to top performers with the right coaching?

This webinar will the third part of our series to help managers with better sales execution — you can watch our previous webinars on improving forecast accuracy and having better pipeline visibility here. I’ll focus on for these topics for this webinar: 

  • Basics of opportunity coaching
  • The difference between opportunity coaching and deal review
  • How to make coaching productive?
  • How do you prepare for an effective coaching session?

Sign up and save your spot for this live webinar on Thursday, Feb 25 at 10am PST.

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