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The RevOps Playbook: 5 Mission-Critical Metrics

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Photograph of RevOps leaders around a table discussing charts of data
Photograph of RevOps leaders around a table discussing charts of data

At Clari, we talk to a lot of RevOps leaders.

We talk process. We talk priorities. We talk implementation.

And trends start to emerge.

Lately, it's become clear that top RevOps teams are laser-focused on a few key metrics. With limited resources and the need for business-moving plays, they're applying the 80/20 rule to the revenue game.

The result?

Increased revenue growth. Decreased noise.

Here are their five mission-critical metrics.

1. Consolidation

Tech consolidation is the name of the game right now.

From the top down, revenue teams have received the mandate: less tech. And it's not hard to understand why.

A simplified tech stack means:

  • Fewer vendor headaches
  • Reduced tech spend
  • Faster processes
  • Increased productivity

In a tough market, these factors can mean the difference between sinking and swimming. So, RevOps teams are pushing them hard.

They're looking to consolidate.

The fundamental reason we selected Clari is the consolidation under one umbrella on the same platform. Having Copilot, Groove, and deal inspection together is huge. Salesloft did not offer many of the features that we recognized in Groove as working out of the box.

Bogdan Maciejuk, Director, Sales Operations at CData

2. Revenue leak

Businesses can never afford revenue leak.

But in a down market? Forget about it.

That's why RevOps teams have been tasked with patching every leak, however small.

They're combing through data to spot weaknesses in the revenue process and slips during essential handoffs.

They're focused on:

  • Fixing inefficient processes
  • Eliminating customer churn
  • Spotting missed upsell or cross-sell opportunities

The average company loses 14.9% annually to revenue leak.

But not if RevOps has anything to say about it.

We wouldn't be managing slips the way we are now without the help of Clari's Waterfall view. It's made it easy to spot slips as an area of revenue leak.

Stephanie Herndon-Rasse, VP, Revenue Operations at Skai

3. Speed to value

Who's got time to wait around?

Revenue teams need solutions. And they need them now.

That means:

  • Lightning-fast tech implementation
  • Support for any bump in the road
  • Clear value for sellers

The days of lengthy setup are gone.

Speed to value is here.

It only took two weeks to complete implementation and get sales reps up and running. Clari is a one-stop shop for managing our pipeline.

Chloe Poon, Senior Director of Finance and RevOps, Teikametrics

4. Rep productivity

The math is simple:

More productive reps = more revenue.

To free up rep time, RevOps needs to eliminate:

  • Bulky, manual processes
  • Fragmented data
  • Complex tools

RevOps leaders are committed to knocking down barriers and creating a silky smooth sales process.

Less friction. More selling.

Clari improves sales productivity in the field and gives our sales managers additional visibility into deals. This helps our sales team drive revenue, while simultaneously increasing the quality of data we capture in our CRM.

Sudheesh Nair, Former President at Nutanix

5. Forecast rep adoption

Who's on board?

The best RevOps teams own change management.

They know:

  • Where to track adoption numbers
  • How to recruit key champions
  • What actions move the needle

They create a unified team. One company moving forward.

Clari is a great example that's delivered an immediate impact for sales leaders and sellers. Overnight, spreadsheets disappeared. Now 500 sellers across the world are running their forecast out of Clari. The entire revenue process has been elevated with Clari.

Dan Jacobs, Former GVP, Sales Operations at Finastra

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